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every cell in my body: we must continue the Great Work


if u take the first letter of every toot and then xor it with an ascii encoded translation of my completely made up grimoire it actually spells out the secret name in a secret encoding

and you think I'm JOKING!? These infernal names are long you know, like the most infernal doesn't even have a beginning or end besides through something else which we don't talk about down here

"OK Google; add 'religion' to my shopping list."

My yearly reminder: if you are on a journey it doesn't matter that you end up where you planned to go, but whom you meet on the road.

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I love the moral relativism of it, and how the character is a traditional anti-hero.

When I first saw the ending I was guilty-laughing like "oh shit, is it ok to laugh at that??" but the more I thought about it the more I realized the moral relativism made it way more interesting than all those safe movies where good and evil are so clearly delineated.

Not to mention in a post-apocalyptic dog-eat-dog world (npi) it would be like that, every man for himself.

Plus it's damn hilarious.

@onan We had "ESP" but being a sad version of what we once were, we are now walking blind, no longer needing those higher senses, or cognitive abilities for survival. We've been bred to be sheep to the slaughter. Even our cats are worried for us, bringing us dead mice, afraid we will starve to death.

If I do not approve, then the approval rating is 0% as measured by this individual.

If I am unemployed, then the unemployment rate is 100% as measured by this individual.

Your nervous system is the yardstick by which You measure this universe. You the observer are necessarily involved.


Open letter to "Bob" circa 2003.


Had a headache for most of the x-day stuff, head's finally feeling okay but tired

Here's the crayon drawing I did on stream at a v.bad angle, someone said I should draw "BOB"

it's exciting to see my fellow siblings in nental ife

gripping our tickets ready to take the ultimate ride to our rightful place partying amongst the stars on pleasure saucers in just a few hours

"2020" is 1998!!

Illuminati Secrets for sale! I got a whole mess of these Illuminati Secrets that I'm not gonna need after this week, don't waste your time climbing the freemason degree ladder, I got the final secret and more going for cheap! :cnsp:

There are perfectly honest people who do not feel they've lived until they've cheated a salesman.

Are you one of them? Find out.

Found this in the break room of my job but I didn't leave this here because I never owned this sticker....

The fittest survive.
What is meant by the fittest?
Not the strongest; not the cleverest —
Weakness and stupidity everywhere survive.
There is no way of determining fitness except in that a thing does survive.
"Fitness," then, is only another name for "survival."
That survivors survive.

-Charles Fort, “The Book of the Damned” (1919)

Will you survive X-Day?



I guess the post lost the first shipment of cable and the guy was a gentlebusinessman (hope he got the $50 insurance payout) and sent out another shipment and it was here fast as a jiffy

So today, I ran up on the roof, ran coax down the chimney and hooked everything up. The very first communication I scanned on 2M was spaghetti 🍝 :cnsp:

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