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every cell in my body: we must continue the Great Work


If the only function of language was to communicate, there would be only one language. There is more than one language, therefore it could be the function of language is not only to communicate. There are many languages, many dialects within languages, and many smaller groups (youth culture vocabulary) within dialects. What do all these variations do? Exclude outsiders - the very opposite of communication. Language is anti-communication most of the time. So when someone talks fancy, that's why.

Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye
Flap the wings under Mars red sky
The reptile pushes itself out into space
Leaving behind, the human race

Swim inside the solar seas
The Nebula cries out to me
Passing where I've gone before
I fly on through the crimson door

Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye
Flap the wings under Mars red sky

What if I told you...’re not limited to imminentizing just one eschaton?


I sit with my eyes wide, a clenched smile

Watching the worldly dance to avoid the cosmic maw

I prepare to be eaten, one with the Tao

I had this badass dream that humanity had been working on teleportation and inadvertently created a way to visit other dimensions. In doing so, we found that both Heaven and Hell were warring dimensions whose respective universes were entirely comprised of gargantuan siege engines powered by human souls, and that both sides only keep humanity around since we fed those siege engines with our souls (which were actually just electromagnetic energy at the Planck scale). It was actually kind of cool.

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been playing a lot of this game as an escape lately

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what about a mastodon instance that only allows toots in emoji

I'm not really wrong you see, I just use really loose definitions

I wonder if I'm a good livestock or if I'm just gonna be like grade B when harvest comes 😅

I have a look of contempt a lot of the time's not just because everything is shit, it's because I have trouble breathing through my nose and by lifting my muscles to open my nostril, my face deforms into an expression of contempt

...the whole thing is a setup, I'm innocent!

I was the only kid in grade school who put "thinking" as their hobby, majority was "hanging out", which is actually a form of thinking with more than one head

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