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every cell in my body: we must continue the Great Work


everyone start praying for everyone as quickly as you can

being graded on reading comprehension is just testing how well you've adopted the master's packaged ontology

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there's a big difference between telling the joke and explaining the joke, but it's really hard to tell sometimes πŸ˜…

lol which one of you devout subgenii bought the TV lube

Douglas Corrigan was an American aviator. He helped build the 'Spirit of St. Louis.' He modified his own plane for transatlantic flight but was denied permission by the FAA. In 1938 he took off from New York headed for California and landed in... Ireland. He said it was a 'navigational error' and got the nickname 'Wrong Way Corrigan.' But - he got what he wanted, in spite of the law, and all it cost was pretending to be a fool.

How important is social approval to you?


Still cant believe that worm theology is a wiki page πŸ˜‚

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if we are all "" then stop fighting itself eachother amen

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Don't know much about dysphony
Don't know much about theosophy
Don't know much about the Voynich book
Don't know much about these pills I took

"Masterer and subjector of pain, I'm the Godder of worms"

howdy doodly dang'd lyrics on the latest ear worm

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better not get sniped by a penny again

x-ray isopod culture soon? When is enough enough? I stopped myself from injecting slugs with growth hormone fragments and feeding them with cheap animal proteins. Maybe it was the visions I had waking up to a six foot slug, eating, already consumed my leg up to the knee leaving only the bone behind

but might be worth the risk, just imagine it, huge mollusks keeping me hostage and the house very humid haha :rntr:

Does anybody know what this pin signifies? Before you suggest Google Reverse Image Search, I tried that, & it was completely helpless.


Used the loop pedal to record this little diddy under heavy distortion, but it sounds okay with just reverb, I know my timing isn't the best πŸ˜…

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