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every cell in my body: we must continue the Great Work


yeah I've got the answers, look I figured out our meat has evolved to see and neocortex to make tools to pick up truth

we got this figured out *waves hands and chants in Sumerian to make the Dark Matter and energy dance around*

Time to make fun of the dumb weirdos for $$ :jrbd: hyuk
This kinda crap sucks, irony crap.
Humility is good.

Agnosticism in the highest form in thy mind, knowledge of the highest form in thy heart. Sorry it's so confusing, scary and painful.

"Don'tcha know there ain't no Devil, that's just God when he's drunk!" -- Tom Waits

An old sage said, “There are animals who have human faces.” (Dogen; Shobogenzo, 10)

:angery: 😡 "what a stuck up know it all piece of sh-reeeeeeeee" have you considered that the devil is real? :ovmn: 😈


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I made a game in HyperCard. It's called CHICKEN MASTER.

thank "BOB" we don't have to think about the implications of the space-time continuum anymore since we've got that Time Control stuff down pit-pat 💪:tctl:

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I guess it's about through now? Another few months? Couple more years? Maybe a decade or two?

(what is he talking about?! No, not that, the Whole Kit 'n Kaboodle)

Dobbstown Costa Rica is not just carbon-neutral, we're uranium-positive! Rather than pollute the environment with the waste from our fast-breeder sodium reactor by burying it, we've replaced the magnetrons of our microwave ovens with spent fuel rods. When you image a microwave that runs for over 5000 years, uses no electricity and can cook a whole steer in an hour, you're imaging the future at Dobbstown Costa Rica!

"I'm cool, I'm cool" I keep telling myself over and over again trying to convince the peanut gallery in my head of the lie

Must remember that not everything requires a comment.

WE are here now. This is my first post. Me next post will be my second!

when does eternity start anyway?

...are we burning in Slackless HELL NOW? :ovmn:

well we're in all so much pain we just have to make sure we're good people and pay our taxes and... and... just not enough time to really think...

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