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every cell in my body: we must continue the Great Work


starting to sell off the stuff

really thinking about moving into a Prius for a bit someday, haul a little expandable work bench with a shade containing parts, tools and a 3D printer. . .

nomadic tinkerer 🤔

Just in case you were looking for a hi-res copy of BOTH of Roche's biochemical pathway posters, you can find it here. (images in this post are lo-res, follow the link for full size).

haven't been able to work with FreeCAD for a few days because of a bug in "pyside2" so I'm eagerly watching this code get merged in

higher order
paradox, self-reference
and you're going to keep trying to get it :tctl:

"What rational person would decide that the way to write great novels was to begin by spending several years creating an imaginary elvish language, like Tolkien, or visiting every household in southwestern Britain, like Trollope? No one, including Tolkien and Trollope."

Stinks in here, smells like meat, rotten meat... The stapelia gigantica bloomed today 💦

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