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every cell in my body: we must continue the Great Work


Closest row to the camera are the plants grown from the x-ray seeds

Some strange behaviors

Gora (1902-1975) was a friend of Gandhi. He was an atheist, & demonstrated to Gandhi that a person could be moral & not religious.

He officiated weddings, but only if the marriage was across caste lines. He deliberately violated superstitions & the taboo to show we can break free from baseless fears.

Gora wrote a newspaper column about the mistakes he made & what he learned from them. The column was called "I Learn."

We can learn from mistakes. We can be fearless.

urinate on yourself
bathe in the piss of eternity

*epic guitar solo*

they're coming for me soon

no escape


reject this dying light, bring the new

raise your glass
tired of this prison of flesh

accept their price



triple your money back

interface hackers

it's a war for your calories

time control is a way out

good luck, cultists

"Those sketches I made the other day, Saul thought...
but the screen asked him:


... and he suddenly understood for the first time what the words 'a real thought' meant; what Hegel meant by defining the Absolute Idea as pure thought thinking about pure thought; what Bishop Berkeley meant by denying the reality of the physical world in seeming contradiction of all human experience and common sense;



flat earth 

movie, these are from the cat chase scene, I want to find out more about Tom Walsh (

Some of these plants are looking pretty messed up actually :cbhb1:

First one looks like the tips of the leaves are dry and curled, then there's a couple with one of the cotyledons with completely stunted growth. one or two looks like they're trying to grow upside down or something :(

wtf... don't kill them, they're special... imagine smoking a bowl of snow white bud... or maybe it'd look too much like dandruff

when you suddenly get defensive or aggressive for no reason, it's actually your holy guardian angel getting in a fist fight with your unconscious monsters

probably inspired by The Free Mantra of Sri Syadasti Syadavaktavya Syadasti Syannasti Syadasti Cavaktavyasca Syadasti Syannasti Syadavatavyasca Syadasti Syannasti Syadavaktavyasca

which goes:

All statements are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense.

Embarrassed about things I shouldn't be embarrassed about

Not embarrassed about things I should be embarrassed about

and embarrassed about things that I should be embarrassed about

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