@nak Like the old joke says, mostly with accuracy: there are two kinds of nations. On the one hand, there are nations that use the metric system. On the other hand, there are nations that sent men to the moon and back.

@onan @nak lol, that's true!

but messing with different number systems can be a problem for space exploration sometimes

"Specifically, software that calculated the total impulse produced by thruster firings produced results in pound-force seconds. The trajectory calculation software then used these results – expected to be in newton seconds (incorrect by a factor of 4.45) – to update the predicted position of the spacecraft"


@vlgvrs @onan I can only imagine the sinking feeling the person who feels responsible for the screw-up has to deal with scattered through the rest of their lives until the day they die :( lol

@nak @onan

"oh yeah, remember that time when I blew up a $193.1 million spacecraft because I used the wrong measurement units? Good days"

@onan ruthlessreviews.com/14082/the-

I think it was reading some of NN Taleb that I was convinced that metric was actually inferior for day to day use... read similar to that article there, couldn't find what I was trying to remember

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