I am the master of the run on sentence 💦

* @GrandHighInquisitor Shirley is the master of the run on sentence... the run on sentence is the master of me 🤭 cc: @justjohn

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Yeah, right.

Nine pathetic words.

That's fucking TERSE, oh "master"!

@justjohn *internal run-on sentences that take the form of monologues that only I can hear. If I revealed what what going through my head it couldn't be constructed without having both forwards and backwards timelines, it's actually pretty disgusting :(

By those standards, I am the master of space and time.

Bow down or something.

@justjohn o! I know I am the master of using the words to make people go attacky ... or maybe that's just my perception :3c

@justjohn or maybe that's just how dumb animal brains decided to use social media instead of being nice :(

Okay, that knife stabbing you in the head? One assumes it's wielded by a hand. Hands are often at the end of arms.

Look at the arm and see whose shoulder it's attached to.

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