I wonder if the experience of Synchronicity is "just" another expression of apophenia, do you think there's a mathematical way to tell or is there actually a creation story and the story is forever

@nak Epictetus said: "When a raven happens to croak unluckily, be not overcome by appearances, but discriminate, and say: ‘None of these portents are for me; but either to my paultry body, or property, or reputation, or children, or wife. But to me all portents are lucky, if I will it. For whatsoever happens, it belongs to me to derive advantage therefrom.’"

J. R. "Bob" Dobbs said: "There are no coincidences - not when there's money to be made."


@onan perspective is (one of?) the most powerful steering wheel(s) in the cosmos :tctl: :pp01:

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