@nak I hope you enjoyed the album. Your parts really put it all in place and made it an listening from beginning till end album

And thank you too! Great job getting all put together

well mutants!! its the time everyone has been waiting for. Welcome To Dobbs.Town!!!!


thank you to everyone who helped make this! couldn't have done it without you guys.

@onan @justjohn @PseudoNovalis @nak @philo

@PseudoNovalis wow, forgot about the Thoth deck 10 of disks... I should review the ol' book!


nicely recognized :p

search query: what if the solar system was a drum machine


no wait


@negative post the welcome to dobbs.town album! (unless you have and I've missed it)

Well, you are all SOL. The doctor-pinks completely failed to kill me, so you all are stuck with me for at least a little bit longer.


Purposefully cutting yourself off from the greater memeverse in order to ferment and brew the dankest memes

@ragekit @bootjack I believe it was originally written to be a comic book, and while there's lots of satirical humor (Hiro Protagonist is the main char's name!) I wouldn't call it a satire of the genre. It's just as psychedelic as Neuromancer while as fun and easy to read as a graphic novel

Going with building an x-ray source to irradiate DNA instead of that chemical mutagen (EMS)

@ragekit the well known Snow Crash is a fave that has quite a few things in common with Neuromancer 😍

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