"ah shit he's not stupid enough to believe the same dumb shit I believe, fuck" everyone besides me ofc 🤣

@onan Withheld advice, as impacted stool shifts, but does not escape into the fediverse

thatd be wild if anyone was from canv.as

put in some ideas for me to try and draw as replies to this toot.

I'll try and draw after a few hours.


One of my favorite bits of scripture, and there's so many.... ayayeyyyeyeeee!

The SubGenius is not "just below a Genius;" he does not pretend to Super-Knowledge, but to SubKnowledge: knowledge of the Under Things -- the Hollow Earth from whose darkness issue the Nazi Hell Creatures and other Dwellers of the Abyss. It is in contemplation of the Under Things, the "underwear" lurking just under the "clothing" of Existence, that the SubGenii display what genius they have.

- from Pamphlet No. 2

:jrbd: subgenius.com

im jussa poser dood

(maybe I'll break out the tablet tonight and do a sesh, been a long time)

Finally got around to wiring up my upgraded eurorack power supply but could find the bus board I bought for this project years ago so I soldered up a mini board

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