Dobbs.Town was founded December 2018.

Dobbs.Town has been in the top ten percent of the entire fediverse by number of citizens since the beginning. has brought slack to thousands.

Thank you, citizens of Dobbs.Town!


A few people have inquired if Dr. Katana and I have a wedding registry. So here it is! Nevermind the conspiracy names and if you want to send a personalized gift direct message me.

Eating an apple a day is alot harder than it sounds.

@negative wrote:
"it will be nice waking up next to a Subgenius everyday."

And one that's still alive, at that! Congratulations on securing a source of complementary DNA for your future experiments!

here is the last track i made with @justjohn sorry it took so long to upload i did the drums and the bassline, he added everything else.

you are missed my friend.

Also I understand why couples elope. Too many cooks in the kitchen leads to a food apocalypse.

Sorry I've been AFD.T, (away from, life is good. Here's a life update you didn't ask for.

Dr. Katana007 and I are getting conspiracy married on October 30th. Halloween wedding. Everyone has to dress up in Halloween costumes at the wedding. Fun Time 3000.

A few months afterwards I'll be moving an hour and 45 min drive from my place to live with Dr. Katana007 It's gunna be scary, weird, and fun all at the same time, but it will be nice waking up next to a Subgenius everyday.

Tell your friends you love them. P.s. I love you!

If you pray to enough gods, one of them will answer.

If you break enough eggs, an omelet comes out.

Too much is always better than not enough.

Only ONE or NONE or SOME or ALL of these are true - guaranteed!

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The Church of the SubGenius


The new ZZ Top documentary on Netflix is pretty cool

I turn 38 in 3 days. Mentally I feel like I'm still in my mid twenties. Do we ever really grow up cause I don't want to grow up, I'm a toys r us kid.

SubG Kids! Rev. Negative on bass, Katana007 on vocals, and honorary member Fidd Chewley on drums!

X-day Florida was a blast. First time SubG Kids perfomed live a naked man bum rushes the stage and gets kicked out. First time meeting Stang. He married Katana007 and I on stage along with Dr. Hal. Met so many friends that I've only ever talked to online and met a lot of new friends.

Listen to this classic podcast featuring @onan

Listen to Negative at Night - Rev. Onan Canobite Episode Whateverish by Rev. Negative on

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