I swear to "Bob" ain't nobody stealin' my Slack today!

Ghosts, robots and aliens may lack the funds - or even the concept of money - necessary to buy membership in the Church of the SubGenius. They rely on your sponsorship. Take the time today to buy three to five memberships for your favorite Fortean friends.

:jrbd: SubGenius.com

It can be a nervous time to meet the parents. But the Church of the SubGenius is a family friendly mail order mind control cult.

"Facebook is embedding tracking data inside photos you download."


The Church of the guarantees it lacks the resources or inclination to do anything similar. Praise "Bob" ! :jrbd: See for yourself at dobbs.town

Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite is interviewed (July 2017) for "J. R. "Bob" Dobbs & the Church of the SubGenius"

:jrbd: subgeniusmovie.com

@nak I installed lmms tonight. I'm gunna have to read a few tutorials and play around with it. It's so foreign to me

Ask A Mad Scientists Season 4 Playlist!!!


my buddy HaveDumbLuck is on the left and i'm the goofball on the right. We recorded this about a year ago, and we answer some questions sent in to us by ScrubGenius before dobbs.town was a thing

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