Happy Slack Sundaze. I just ordered taco bell to be delivered cause SLACK. What kinda slack did you get up to today.

Negative at Night happening at 10:30pm. Don't listen to it if you know what's good for you. Don't put your phone or computer on freethinkradio.com what ever you do, don't listen.

If you have a friend you love don't be afraid to tell them you love them. One day we will be on the saucers and the ones who haven't boarded yet might like to know.

On this week's Hour of Slack (episode 1794) we have...

@zirroneous Cult of Zir!

@negative Rev. Negative of SubG Kids!

@Faux Rev. Faux!


The new Bill and Ted movie is enjoyable. I will definitely be watching it again soon. They did a good job. It's no 5 star movie by any means but it's alot of fun

@negative Frop, vinyls, and maybe later some bad movie in Netflix:
the Worst, the BEST :angery:

Slack Sundaze. I'm gunna watch the new Bill and Ted movie later tonight. What are your plans for this delightful day.

Hrmmm do I do chores/housework tonight after I get off of work or do I slack off and do them tomorrow on my day off. Decisions decisions.

I'm sorry I've not been on Dobbs.Town as much lately in the last few months. Life is weird and will take you places, but you always know where home is.

Times are tough but slack is stronger. Happy Slack Sunday!

Does your church give you cool stickers? No! Probably not!

I recently became addicted to Fallout 4 on the PC. I know it's been out for a long time now but I recently got a new laptop that can actually play games :)

This Thursday on Negative at Night it's my bday!!! Join the discord and tell me happy bday at freethinkradio.com links on the page!

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