Sorry about tonights Negative At Night. This is all still new to me so if you tuned out early appologies. If you stuck through all the hiccups I owe you a deep gratification.

Next week, Thursday will be better

Delays among me. Still streaming

Tune in tonight on at 10:30pm est for another episode of Negative at Night.

For the first 30 min I'll be playing tunes and then at 11pm some subgenius will join for a conversation of sorts.

The opportunity to make some art is always there. Making not the best art for many years turns into eh this is okay art. Or just start with top talent, whatever suits you. Testing a pen at a bookstore. Praise “Bob” !

I saw Rob Zombies new movie "3 from Hell" last night and it was awesome!

@negative sitting on the couch reading comic books on the iPad. If it’s not obvious, I am a very busy man.

Happy Slack Sunday! What slack are you up to today!?

ARE YOU BEING MIND-CONTROLLED? by Dr. @philo U. Drummond, Ø1deg.

Are you being mind-controlled by the secret subliminal radio?

The Government/Conspiracy II has developed a vast covert hermetic department involved in the study and advancement of mind-control techniques using the Silent Radio on individuals and groups.

The alternate future belongs to "Bob" and the Church of the SubGenius.

These are not the ravings of a madman, heed my warning!

:jrbd: 🧠 📻

I trenched through the madness and now I can accept calls through discord! Join me tomorrow night for the first ever episode of Negative at Night. Join the discord at

Bring topics questions and anything in between. The show starts around 11pm est maybe a little later due to some prior engagements. Feel free to join or to chastise me for being late.

Streaming on

This Thursday I'll be doing the first ever episode of "Negative at Night" on . As it is right now it's gunna be a solo show but I'm working on how to get people to be able to call in.

Show starts around 11pm est but could be a little late cause of slack and all.

If anyone had any topics you'd like me to discuss (no politics please) shoot me a message.

@negative @Pouchi Donuts, coffee, dropping off stuff at the thrift store, forgetting to get worked up over a bunch of Conspiracy pink nonsense, being Mayor of, having a membership card in the Church of the SubGenius.

Today for slack Sunday @Pouchi and I slept till 3pm, ordered pizza, and are currently on a NCIS binge while I play Diablo 3 on my switch!

What slack did you have today?

How can you honestly hate other people unless you truly hate yourself? How can you honestly love other people unless you truly love yourself? How can you honestly deceive other people unless you truly deceive yourself?

Cut out the middle-man in your internal dialogue. The Church of the SubGenius is the finest mail order mind control cult on the market today at this price.


Happy Slack Sunday! If you have to work just go home and tell them Rev. Negative said it's ok.

Religion. It means different things to different people.

Are you a different person? Different from how you were, or different from how you'd like to be later?

If you're like me, you're not like me except you like "Bob" like I like "Bob" except in your own way.


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