“Do not judge others” is a judgement that those who do not judge others are making a preferred choice and those who do are making a choice that is not preferred. It is a self-contradiction to suggest “do not judge others.”

“Members of the Church of the SubGenius are not just different from others, but better.” This is a fact.


If religion is the opiate of the people, be the dope man! JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius.

:jrbd: subgenius.com


"they should be listening to me miaouw for food! and sending me food!"

@negative I suddenly wonder what drug songs are going to sound like in about 10 years.

Gunna stream some music on freethinkradio.com in about 5 min. Just some tunes cause it's slack Sunday and I'm bored

attn: Rev.Dr.Onan Canobite: is there a Dobbs.town tip jar, or patreon, or paypal, or such? it occurs to me i should support something that i vent so much spleen into. also occasionally kidney and gall bladder.

Well I made it on to The Hour of Slack! It's like a dream come true.

Did some art with some friends last night. Melted crayon, acrylic paints, and sharpies on a whiteboard.

shout out to that time i made a song and went to my buddys house and recorded a music video with an alien wrestleing a pig face guy.


Happy Slack Sundaze! What slack have you received today!?

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