Tonight is Taco night! Most people think you can only eat tacos on Tuesday for some strange reason.

This is why I can't sleep at night. Literally clothes resting upon a chair and my mind creates stories about this person

Tonight is one of those magical Dobbstown nights when I’ve drunk the perfect amount to forget whatever numbskullery I was going to post while reading the new posts since I last checked in.

Just another example of how your $35.00 is working for you. Luck plane in action. Pure Luck filters out.

@negative thinking about the awesome media empire of the Church of the SubGenius.

Happy Slack Sunday! What slack are you up to today?

If anyone in Dobbs.Town tuned in last night thank you. If you didn't hear the first show ever with @Pouchi you missed out. It's ok though, she's agreed to be on again sometime in the future

The statistical probability of anything that has already happened was 100%. All of it, from the mystery of biogenesis to your reading these words, was equally likely to happen. Free will is difficult to pin down, but ignorance of the future is close enough.

I do not know if today is the day you join the Church of the SubGenius, or if it will be some other day. I have free will to that extent, & you have free will to make it 100% certain that you are a superior mutant. JOIN TODAY.

Tomorrow night at 10:30pm est. @Pouchi will have her first appearance on Negative at Night. Check it out on

Work would be better without all the people, responsibilities, and more slack.

No one cares if cigarettes slowly kill them. They CARE if the cigarettes are going to help them get through another work day.

Tonight on comes the best worst show you'll ever hear... NEGATIVE AT NIGHT!

Streaming at 10:30 est

I hope anyone that listened to my show tonight had fun.

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