This Thursday on Negative at Night it's my bday!!! Join the discord and tell me happy bday at links on the page!

What are the odds that of all the known religions past and present, and of all the possible religions yet to be revealed, the religion one learns as a child happens to be the one that is true? Most people think so, therefore the odds must be favorable. Not a sure thing, but favorable.

If you want to go with a sure thing, join the Church of the SubGenius. Eternal salvation or triple your money back!


X-Day was a blast. I finally recovered from it today. Shame the damn saucers didn't pick us up.

The Con calls it FAKE NEWS like they invented it. Pish tosh. We were pulling the wool over our own eyes when that Orange Pillowcase Full Of Moldy Foreskins in DC was still cheating on his FIRST wife!

Among the several radio programs offered on SubGenius channel is Rev. Fanboy's FunTime! 8 p.m. EDT Tuesdays. Lots of different kinds of music. Chat with other beautiful mutants in our Discord channels.

In Genesis 3:11 God asks Adam and Eve: "Who told you that you were naked?" Leaving aside why an omniscient deity might ask a question, let us consider the verse as a prompt for further inquiries.

Who told you life was fair?

Who told you the goal of employment is fun?

Who told you these are days of unique evils and unique saviors?

Whoever it was, you might want a word with them. If you can't find them, make up your own replies - heck, make up your own religion!


And "Bob" said, "I don't practice what I preach, because I'm not the kind of person that I'm preaching to!"

Hey! Our band SubG Kids made it on to this week's Hour of Slack!!! Who know an impromptu band created with my co-host of Negative at Night Katana007 and my girlfriend @Pouchi would infect the subgenius ears all over the world.

This week on Negative at Night HaveDumbLuck will answer any question you might have. Any questions to be answered?

Slack Sunday!!! Hope your day is filled with slack and frop.

@negative Reverend Negative is ready, night and day, for what must be done. Also in the mirror world! What is his secret?

It's no secret, friend. Rev. Negative is a member of the Church of the SubGenius. His destiny is secured and his slack is majestic.


Strive every day to figure out and then act on what will make your personal world more stupid, more ugly and more dangerous.

Or the opposite of those things. Your call.

Did a live jam sesh with my co-host on Negative at Night, Dr. Katana007 and my girlfriend @Pouchi . Well Katana made it in to an album so I guess now I'm in a band lol. It is lofi recordings but it's a bunch of SubG Kids being weird and making music.

Listen to SubG Kids: raw freestyle

Tonight at 10:30 est you can listen to Negative at Night! The best worst show on

Have you ever organized a pot-luck dinner, or a book group, or another sort of small club? Then you know that even among friends who share interests it is difficult.

The Church of the SubGenius was revealed to the public in 1980. It has thousands of members, not all friends, not all with a shared interest except :jrbd: , and every one of them a weirdo in some way. Yet... here it is. What other groups and movements have come and gone in that time? Maybe there’s something to...

THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS could save your sanity!

Your secret wishes can be granted in full once you know what they are!

"You'll PAY to know what you REALLY think."-J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, 1961

Feeling like there's just no SLACK?

You may have 'snapped' already from the information disease! ("The sleep of reason begets monsters.") Look to the High Unpredictables of the Church of the SubGenius for pancultural deprogramming and resynchronization!


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