The Church of the SubGenius is pound for pound the best mail-order mind control cult on the market today.

@Pouchi and I before her show. She's gunna sing "Crazy little thing called love". I'm gunna try and get some footage. She's also on the Welcome to Dobbs.Town album which will be released soon

Happy St. Patrick's day. About to go see @Pouchi perform at a concert. She's an amazing singer

I hope this new zealand guy gets raped forever by the worst demons

I got two for you, since it's st Patrick's or something

1990s media barrage 2019 Vaporwave style.

May all your DADA be BULLDADA

Yesterday's Music Video

Gerard Way - Baby, You A Haunted House

The video is as charming as the title of the song

@negative I've got some recordings, hopefully send something to you tonight... I'm not too happy with what I produced, but I produced SOMETHING (finally!)

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