This week on Negative at Night HaveDumbLuck will answer any question you might have. Any questions to be answered?

@negative Can 'the good' be derived from nature? That is, can we know right from wrong by observing and participating in the world as it is, or does 'the good' come from other sources? Does natural law, do human rights, exist in the way that magnets or lung worms or water exist?

What would happen if you replaced a ducks gonads with some plastic wrapped grapes?

If you could join a hivemind which would give you a higher amount of peace and happiness but you had o give up your body and your individuality would fade (not disappear, just fade) would you consider that destruction or salvation?

What are the wonning lottery numbers for a month from now?

@negative Assuming there's an equal chance that Hawking Radiation will force the release a particle or an antiparticle from a black hole, how can black holes evaporate? Wouldn't they be gaining and losing mass in equal measure?

@johnhattan @negative I was thinking about this yesterday… and when particle meets antiparticle, they don’t turn into nothing. They turn into two particles worth of energy. Energy behind an event horizon would be indistinguishable from mass. So wouldn’t Hawking radiation actually increase the mass of a black hole?

@cy @negative Well I'm definitely listening to the show now.

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