Tonight at 10:30 est you can listen to Negative at Night! The best worst show on

Made a ninja star at work and labeled it so the haters know what hit em

Tonight at 10:30 pm est standard time, Negative at Night on , tonight we will discuss all the things that you didn't know we were gunna discuss.

Tomorrow Night at 10:30 est time, Negative at Night. What madness will I get in to? Who will pull me out of it? Why do I ask so many questions?

Tonight on Negative at Night will have the one and only @onan on starting at 10:30pm est time. I'll have my usual in studio co-hosts and guests. I'm pretty excited about this.

This is why I can't sleep at night. Literally clothes resting upon a chair and my mind creates stories about this person

Tomorrow night at 10:30pm est. @Pouchi will have her first appearance on Negative at Night. Check it out on

Tonight on comes the best worst show you'll ever hear... NEGATIVE AT NIGHT!

Streaming at 10:30 est

Did some art with some friends last night. Melted crayon, acrylic paints, and sharpies on a whiteboard.

Got my hair cut today. Both pictures are unflattering. But Otis B. Driftwood (my cat) is beautiful.

And I'm back!! Took @Pouchi to meet all my family in ohio. Sorry I've been gone. My entire family loved her. Grandpa said he hasn't seen me happier. Theirs so many tales to tell from our trip. Perhaps I'll post them over the next few days

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