Did some art with some friends last night. Melted crayon, acrylic paints, and sharpies on a whiteboard.

shout out to that time i made a song and went to my buddys house and recorded a music video with an alien wrestleing a pig face guy.


@johnhattan on the hypercube. @Peas and dok faux talk about this company, and I talk alot so I put my money where my mouth is.

Great soap! Great shirt!

Happy Slack Sundaze! What slack have you received today!?

@RevChrismok I didn't realize you were also on the hypercube lol!

Is that a good movie worth watching? I've never seen it

The movie Superbad hasn't aged well but it's still kinda funny

I love do-nothing days, especially on days designated for doing nothing. My mind overzealously enjoy placing labels on things and does not like it when the label turns out wrong. For instance, when a work day turns into a do-nothing day, that is slightly irritating, though in my favor. Please "Bob", show me a way to the promised Land where no labels are necessary because no day can be quantified ahead of time... Where every day is a do-whatever day.

Happy Slack Sunday! Today I'm going to a benefit concert for cancer with @Pouchi . We got VIP tickets so it should be pretty aweosme

@Peas the app I use on my phone Tusky makes it pretty simple to use. The 3 panel thing on the computer is a bit overwhelming sometimes

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