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Anyone out those in Dobbs.Town play animal crossing on the switch?

Thanks to all who listened, tune in to What The Fuck Did I Just Show with caller 23 and no @Peas

whooooooa, I was only planning to get occasionally high and chill, and now I'm listening to @negative's show on Freethink Radio, the inequality begins when the Subgenius get to have all the slack :abmb: :cbhb0: :jrbd:

Going live on for a special edition of Negative at Night right now. Listen and enjoy some tunes

@justjohn yeah I'd love to join in but I'm at work. Blaaah. Have fun!

Worlds going crazy, but tomorrow is slack sunday. Enjoy a beer or 2 and praise "Bob"

Tomorrow Night at 10:30 est time, Negative at Night. What madness will I get in to? Who will pull me out of it? Why do I ask so many questions?

@nak I think @negative is going Negative first. The rest of us can only follow.

@negative YOU could be the next SubGenii to appear on Negative at Night!

The info and links you need are here...

the legendary episode of Negative at Night that i ACTUALLY recorded. listen to it before the higher powers take it down.

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Church of the SubGenius Members-Only MastoDobbs.