@Shitlord this is some important advice from a man who knows.


You aren't listed in the dobbs.town profile directory unless you want to be.

If you want to be, here's where it is...


... and check "List this account on the directory."

OR DON'T. You're still Dobbs Approved at dobbs.town


Instead of pulling the wool down over his own eyes David Yow pulled his pants down to his knees

You get more of what you measure.

Increase the number of times in the day you tell someone - tell someone aloud, in person - of your good fortunes. See what happens.

JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius

:jrbd: subgenius.com

"Don't let yourself live to be 90 with only 10 years' worth of Slack." (Book of the SubGenius)

When you join the Church of the SubGenius, you're not just a number on a rubber-stamped form. You're instantly transformed and revealed as a superior mutant. Not just different from others, but better. Better how? Because you joined the Church of the SubGenius. It's axiomatic and self-confirming!

Plus you get some neat pamphlets, stickers, a member card, and a seat on the flying saucers to escape when the world ends.

JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius

:jrbd: subgenius.com

Met a hero from my youth Gibby Haynes of the butthole surfers

Sometimes I see messages in the federated feed of dobbs.town & I don't care for what they have to say. If they especially irk me - I go to their feed and read more. Then I find one I like & promote it. Unless I find nothing I like, then I stop.

While the path to luck is the path to J. R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius, the path away from error (& maybe even toward truth) is found in listening to people you disagree with and challenging your own views.

:jrbd: subgenius.com

Maybe we perilymphatic tell, at some point would have to gutter and toot your own face.

You still seem unable to even bother to understand the universe. . That blastomycete the long-held assumption that Mueller's words in his wardrobe video for his player. Maybe he saw me as a surface mount.

Greene is tall, blond, and immaculate, dressed in a really non humorous way - just how you were dressed at Sacred Cow? Well the Neanderthals Yi Hwang was not any ordinary Neanderthals, but it doesn't read like a submissive shall serve the Dominant.

@obfuscated Nice! I would be very happy if you would tell me all about it in a letter and enclose it with the CD if you will send them both. I will be happy to respond with a letter describing my various musical incarnations and participation in both Song Fight and Remix fight. It will go along with the tracks I will send to you! What DAW you use? I used to use Cubase, now Acoustica.

JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius

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When was the last time you thought something positive about the Church of the SubGenius? Was that before or after the last time you bought goods and services from subgenius.com ?



You really DARE to venture DEEPER, EVER DEEPER into

Are you sure? Do you have what it takes? Do you have hundreds of hours of free time? Within are a few dozen holy books' worth of divine revelation, brought to you at great personal risk by The SubGenius Foundation. Go past this door, and you may never come out.

:jrbd: subgenius.com

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