I guess to some degree I like it when the ads are from individuals .. most often artists but the majority of ads are not

Can't say I've known anybody that cared about the advertising and most comment on how creepy it is that the marketing is so specific that it appears to be spying on them.

Personally half the time the ads are for for something I already bought.

But thats what you get when your social network is for profit and relies on selling your data to advertisers.

Actually somehow the ads on Instagram are more relevant and often show me things I would like to buy but also still alot of garbage


New NCN Album, 'Agent of Chaos' just fucking dropped, bitches.

Have at it.

No explanation of what this album is about is necessary. You all know what it is about.

But it is our very humble belief that this is quite possibly the most significant work that we have created since starting The National Cynical Network in the year 2000.

Although sometimes the large audience reaction to a film is a thing in itself. When I saw Terminator in the theater I was a teenager. When I first sat down there was hardly anyone there but then two attractive women sat in front me who I'm pretty sure were prostitutes. Then two college football teams who were playing one another the next day came in. That was a once in a lifetime experience!

True.. the last few times I went they had replaced all the crappy auditorium seating with cushy recliners and there were much fewer people. I've always enjoyed enjoyed and preferred matinee screening because there's always a small audience.

I've been using Facebook less but after not having been on mastodon for a minute because I was having technical issues with it. I was reminded of those issues now that I'm back. I have a higher tolerance for that sort if thing but most people probably not so much?

This isn't the answer you're looking for but Ishtar gets listed as a very bad movie but I watched it a few years back and it wasn't that bad. Then just now I couldn't find it on any worst movie lists but I did see Pluto Nash which also has Warren Beatty in it? Anyway.. I almost walked out if the Titanic when I saw in a theater .. remember when theaters where a thing?

Zine from late 80s by my friend that had the leather jacket with "Bob" on the back.

A bit late for Xmas but here's a tape release I did several years ago that comes in a 3d printed Christmas green buttplug

Certainly seems to be an election with higher than normal amounts of disinformation.

I'm having trouble posting with fedilab.. what app are my fellow yeti using these days?

This me and my friend on the left with our jackets in front of the Chicago Art Institute in the early 90s

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A friend of mine pulled his old leather out of storage. I painted this "bob" on it around 89-90. That's his teenage son wearing it.

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