Welcome to Rev. John Shirley ...

"Writer of novels, books of stories, scripts (eg, "The Crow" and tv including Deep Space Nine), and songs for Blue Oyster Cult and his own music projects which include Spaceship Landing in a Cemetery and the Screaming Geezers. The Reverend John Shirley is the Grand High Inquisitor and Ipsissimus of the Church of the Subgenius."


@onan @GrandHighInquisitor
So powerful that even _Airplane_ characters told each other not to risk his ire by calling each other his name.

@onan @GrandHighInquisitor

hail him! hail him who wrote "Tahiti in Terms of Squares" and other mind-bending things!

the scary thing in hyperspace part of "Eyelash" was written as an homage to him.

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