I see only a fraction of the file-trading that goes on among members of the Church of the SubGenius, but that fraction lets me know it is a robust exchange. If you're measuring your media collection in TBs, ridiculous multiplications of what anyone could hear / watch / read in a single lifetime, you're not alone.

@onan Would you have an audio file of the original Brag Of The SubGenius somewhere by any chance?

@acb Brother Cleve Duncan recorded a blistering version of The Brag that can be found on the “Bad Doktors” compilation...


@onan I’m thinking of the one on the original cassette tape the Church sent out in the 90s

@acb I have a few hundred of those tapes and there are a few thousand that were circulated before things went to CDs, then digital. “Bad Doktors” was one of those tapes, now in digital form.

@philo @onan The one I recall was read out by a person, rather than a speech synthesiser

@acb Did you listen to the version that I sent a link to? It's free to listen to and you owe The SubGenius Foundation anyway (we all do... we all do... )

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