Keep up with the excuses to not create! There's always one more piece of gear to need, there's always new software to become proficient at, there's always things you need to do (demonstrating scheduling skills that never get applied to "set aside time for creating"), there's "being tired," and most of all there's not "feeling" like it or not "feeling" inspired. Keep putting it off. You're only getting younger and more healthy, there's plenty of time tomorrow, nobody needs practice. PUT IT OFF.

@onan Very good advice right there. We're very good at coming up with excuses. Not to say that we shouldn't take breaks, but the line between self-care and lazyness can be difficult to set at times.

@onan You know you will sell us one day. With or without your U2 psyche-ology with or without you. But as uncomfortable as it is she still has to do the NASTY. Sorry. These are our demands. We have placed an envelope on the steps of the Arabian bob Cuban cigar corner cube factory southeast of the divestigiolary contfest Gloom just east of the conglamoraray.

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