You can get them by track or by album -- $10/album or $1/track!

Also, if the spirit of Dobbs so compels you, you can pay MORE than the asking price as part of your regular love-tithe!

The two latest new albums, Bobsongs 7 and Bobsongs 8 -- almost 10 years in the making! -- are released ONLY as downloads from...


@onan I downloaded one of these, and the album opened with a Led Zepplin song that was 30 seconds long and the only lyric was a digitally stretched-out "Bob". I want the classic songs. Why has no one recorded the cover of "My Name is Mud" that's on the website, called "My Name is 'Bob'"?


Did you mail in the twenty dollars you owe the SubGenius Foundation before you added to your list of what you want it to do for you, or after?

@onan I ain't pink, I consider it a personal debt to Rev. Stang.
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