The threat "this is going on your permanent record!" would be more thrilling if there were such a thing as a permanent record. Instead, every record of every event will, over time, be irretrievably lost. The thrill of trouble therefore is on the mortal scale, as are the thrills of achievement, or loyalty, or strength, or love. They matter precisely because they are flawed and finite. You can roll around in your slack like a stinky old dog until it's time for one last ride.


@onan THIS IS GOING ON YOUR PERMANENT RECORD!!!!! Such insubordinance in the face of the self perceived authority of those of us would would utter these words cannot be tolerated. I hope you're happy with yourself! I'm going to go off and spend approximately 8 times as much effort writing this incidence down and recording it, as it took to commit the infraction.

@longdead @onan I will not buy this record. It is scratched.

What happens on the internet STAYS on the internet.


the only ones who ever threatened me with "this is going on your permanent record!" are all dead, and those cheap accountant's logbooks they wrote my various perceived infractions into... are long rotted into dust.

Τα πάντα ρει, you can't stop it

@onan i frequent one such a platform that is append-only, content can never be deleted and the whole network is stored with those you peer with. there is a certain thrill that comes with being marked down forever, permanence adds a stake that is missing in hyperreal media simulacrums.

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