Social media as files in a shared directory.

NextCloud, Syncthing, Dropbox and others are great at sharing files.

Any number of public time servers can be used to present posts in chronological order.

Any number of CMS can manage content. Or flat file forums. Etc.

Why aren't there dozens of applications of this idea, an idea that I've had and seen others have several times over?

Here's one that came to fruition, even...

Social media as files in a shared directory.

Theoretical post (as JSON):
- Author
- Local timestamp
- Lat / Long
- CC / BCC
- Tags
- Subject
- Body

Rather than a series of apps, a browser plugin that can look at the JSON files and show the x-most recent posts threaded by local timestamps sorted into an inclusive chronology.

- Local editing of a post that propagates deceptively.

- Federated.
- Invite only / darknet.
- Single-user option.
- Mostly existing tools.


Social media as files in a shared directory.

Even more simple: a text file in a shared directory, with the agreement 'new communication goes at the top (or bottom) with a time stamp and a signature.' Or a set of text tiles, one per user, with 'new text at top / bottom' as agreed upon. Or 'old text is deleted, new text is added.'

IFTTT can connect files in a shared directory to email, so there's a gateway to Deltachat.

A suggested use of existing tools.


@sathariel Yes! txtwt is great, and in the same constellation as...

... good suggestion!

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