It’s not a worry to offer to mail stickers and other Church of the SubGenius propaganda for free, because most people think that’s an offer too good to be true and don’t even try. This gravy boat may not pour forever, but it’s pouring now.


Free propaganda? How much are you charging? 😃😃

@herag There have been a couple people that asked me to send them things and then didn't give me a postal address to mail them to. They got nothing, for free. People who pay the time and effort of privately sending me their postal address get something.

@onan what would I get if I paypal-ed you twenty bucks?

Just wondering, because the guy who bought all my old books just paid via paypal, and I kinda got a positive balance now.

Also I cleaned out my freezer, and it turns out my frop supply wasn't as critical as I thought.

So I gotta spread some slack around!

@johnhattan cheers! It gives me slack to hear your kind offer and direct it instead to The SubGenius Foundation. Get yourself a stack of Pamphlets to spread around, or a “Book of the SubGenius” signed by the editor himself.

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