Remember, that this holds universally – we inconvenience and torment ourselves. That is, our own preconceived notions do it for us.

What is it to be reviled, for instance? Stand by a stone and revile it, and what will you get by it?

If you, therefore, would listen only as a stone, what would your reviler gain?

But if the reviler has the weakness of the reviled for a vantage-ground, then he carries his point.

@onan This reminds me of this scene in Grosse Pointe Blank in which Blank confronts Bob (no relation), who has a one-way conflict with him: "Do you really believe that there is some stored up conflict that exists between us?"

Not to reduce Epictetus to a scene in a Cusack film or anything.

Okay, to reduce Epictetus to a scene in a Cusack film; it is Friday and I am feeling a little haughty.

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