There has not been enough exploration of time-limited online forums. I think knowing a forum would exist only for 1-3-5 years and then be erased or frozen would give it some strengths. I have known only one forum to have done that and I think it helped them stay focused and productive.

The existing model is: a forum acts like it will never end while experience shows will always fade out, have a technical catastrophe or be silenced.

Maybe experimenting with time-limited forums is worth doing.

@onan Agree with this insight, and extend it to popular culture projects, like bands, radio shows, movie and book series.

The point of diminishing returns is reached quickly.

@RevFanboy The Church of the SubGenius must endure for as many centuries required to completely dominate, then leave, this planet. But any particular SubGenius show, or particulars SubGenius periodical, or particular SubGenius mortal being, will find a good time to draw the curtain.

@onan This service will terminate on the 5th July 1998 at 7am.

@onan Time limits may not be completely possible anymore now that any average human can record the information & fool themselves into believing that they will care about it later, but we must pretend that it is so temporary that we may not even finish the sentence or concept we are attempting just as monks destroy their intricate sand sculptures instantaneously after spending days carving them. Bob Weir claims he creates best with a gun to his head but really he won't create at all otherwise.

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