Those apps that convert a QR code into a web address, and pass it to the browser, *really* should have an interim step, asking you for confirmation.

The QR code might be sending me somewhere naughty.


@fitheach I rented a bicycle using a QR code. The legit QR had been replaced with one that sent info to a crook. The crook rented the bike for me. Then the crook emptied my bank account with endless automated small withdrawals. I rode the bike, ended the rental, the next day saw I had no money. Took months to resolve. So... yes, an interim step would have been preferred.

That's 100x worse than anything I was imagining. Glad to hear you got it resolved, in the end.

Your toot made me realise how naive I am. Thanks for the warning!
Where and when did this happen?



I was in the State of New York in the USA. The bicycle rental was one of the larger, international companies. I do not blame the company, and they were helpful in resolving the problem.

I think even more information siphoning is happening with QR codes now, except instead of the info going to criminals it's "just" going to advertisers and legal authorities. Criminals lead the way, commerce follows. An old pattern.

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