If another person makes you angry, whose anger is it? Theirs? Give it back. Yours? Why are you being so unprofitably cruel to yourself?

If externals control of your mood, make sure you live in a completely (not partially) controlled environment or you'll suffer. To do that, you need a great deal of money and power. You also need a willingness to initiate physical violence and an ability to get away with it, every time.

Or, don't let the bastards grind you down.



"If another person makes you angry, whose anger is it? Theirs? Give it back."


"You also need a willingness to initiate physical violence and an ability to get away with it,...."

is that the answer?
Anger fuelled a substantial part of my youthful exuberance back in the day, and like my father I had a lot of it. I had no money or power, but I did have a willingness to encourage physical violence towards myself and then deal with it and get away with it every time.

I hung around in places where bar brawls were commonplace. I took any opportunity to walk down dark alleys where decent people feared to tread. I didn't want to hurt anyone; only to fight anyone and anything that was up for it. Neither did I want to do any property damage even to the places I broke into just for the challenge of doing so. If an obstacle was in my path I leapt over it, climbed it, picked its lock, or cracked its passwords rather than change course at all. The same anger and obstinance perhaps helped my career as a programmer (back when my brain was working more or less properly) but there it was most often directed at myself and my own stupid mistakes, and at abstract problems to be solved.

And then I did have a little money for a while, and got a bit comfortable, and older, and the anger faded away. Now in my middle age I'm a lot more relaxed, but nowhere near as productive. Some days I remember what the all-pervading anger felt like, the rage against the injustice of all existence, and I wonder if I should try to get some of it back. But it is futile, and even in the old days I was dimly aware that if it can be managed, for most intents and purposes an aggressive kind of love works better.

@zudlig @onan My 1 still-active destructive addiction is to pissy-fumes clouding my brain, mainly while safely entombed in my car. Luv2bitch--a cheap but corrosive thrill. I need to accept that I can't change their addictions to aggressive tailgating & lane-zigzagging. Usually I remember deep calming breaths after only one or three hollered terms of abuse--that's progress. At least zudlig's aggression developed courage & provided some exercise... Aggressive love? I'm gonna codger-tate on that...

@wattdefalk @onan I mean like in a "love thine enemies" kind of way.

Genuine expansive all-conquering peace, love, happiness, and all that crap.

@zudlig @onan In our church of course we're all different kinds of heretics to this church praise "Bob", & my blasphemy happens to be that Slack is essentially the Golden Rule... And getting all the frop and other substances you weed I mean you nant. And producing fluids.

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