I couldn't find my reading glasses and my library was a mess because I'm putting in new shelves. I felt frustrated.

I took a nap.Then instead of letting finding my glasses be the one thing that could end my frustration, I made the bed, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned up the library... in the course of all that I found my glasses & the place was a little nicer.

Making one thing the source of your slack (unless it's "Bob") is a roll of the dice. MAKE SURE IT'S "BOB".



this toot works really well if you imagine it being read by Burroughs 😄

@HMLivy @onan

does anyone know what Edgar Rice sounded like? no!

Old Bill had a very distinctive voice.

"If you can't be nice to yourself just think of all the furry creatures that might be wandering around you, and try to be nice to them, and, what the hell, give yourself a break."

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