"A man’s master is he who is able to confer or remove whatever that man seeks or shuns. Whoever then would be free, let him wish nothing, let him avoid nothing, which depends on others; else he must necessarily be a slave." - Epictetus

@onan Typical cotton-candy writing of the ol' epic word-teat. As soon as I bit, I found it had dissolved down to this tiny blob:
"As soon as you encounter anyone or anything appealing, it's grabbed your attention."
And I sense some repressed anxiety in him about the institution of slavery.
But Watt deFalk, I. No?

@wattdefalk @onan He was born a slave, so I suppose his anxiety was warranted. Everyone has their own hang-ups. One time my wife and I were invited to our neighbour's home for New Year's Eve, and we were dreading it. When we got there, they were watching a "Twilight Zone" marathon. We decided it might be okay. Then they turned that off, and put on a Phil Collins album. I still have nightmares about that evening. Epictetus probably would have gotten up and left. I'm really not sure.

@rudyschwartz @onan
Perhaps I learned and forgot Epictetus was a slave.
The rest reminds me very little of one way I like to begin my open-mike routine:
"Ladies'n'gennamin, please welcome onstage together for the first time anywhere, Phil Collins & Sam Kinnison!"
[Phil] "Tonight tonight tonight--"
[Sam] "OH! OOOOOHH!"

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