The European Union has declared war on Dobbstown by way of onerous fiscal fees. To send my zine into any EU country I either have to pay a VAT or hire an EU firm and pay them to pay the VAT for me.

This will lead to online balkanization as well. A band in one country wants to sell downloads of their music in another country? There's going to be a tax for that. Fiscal forces will make firewalls go up that don't exist now, around websites and around nations.

@onan It sounds like your third option is to ignore it, and let the recipient in the EU deal with it. Canada has a duty tax that U.S. sellers can pay in advance, but there's a $20 threshold which is frequently ignored.

@rudyschwartz I would never advocate paying less than my fair share of taxes. By definition, if any government anywhere levies a tax, it is a fair tax, and the amount asked of me is my fair share.

Why, just think of what might happen if a modest segment of the population became (well, I'm not sure what to call it, let's say) "tax resisters" - who would fund the wars and the graft?

No sir, I can't WAIT to pay more taxes. It's only fair!

@onan I'm not paying Europe shit, but my Canadian taxes pay for my health insurance, and it costs me much less than half of what I'd pay in insurance premiums if I were still in the United States. The wars and graft are just the frosting on the cake.

@rudyschwartz @onan
*gasp* Did Canada let you immigrate? Even though you're a musician? Maybe there's hope after all! I've been suspecting millions of civil war refugees will soon be swarming the northern border & I'd best get ahead of the crowd.

@wattdefalk @onan I didn't tell them I'm a musician. By the time they found out, it was too late. There's a lot of Americans who talk about leaving and moving to Canada, but in practice hardly anyone does. It's not easy to do and it takes a few years. Inertia usually wins.

@rudyschwartz @onan
I can always count on you to deliver that wacky humor -- Outrageous! Original! Hehe, "inertia wins..." good thing I know that's crazytalk

@rudyschwartz @onan for myself, I receive health care from our (US) Veteran's Administration. The "premium" for that you can imagine.
There is talk here of "MedicAid for all", which concerns me because that would actually reduce the quality of my care. MedicAid is a program for geriatrics and disabled, and I quite agree should be expanded to as many as possible, quite similar to system in CA. I propose "MedicAid by default" but the mouth-breathers have trouble with this nuance.

@onan I think if the situation was reversed (onerous charges to get my newsletter shipped from the EU), I'd just opt for a PDF and print it myself if I wanted a paper version.

IIRC American Bystander magazine has three tiers on Patreon -- PDF, print shipped to US, and print outside the US.

@onan I just don't understand. I've read the Mirror. Exactly what value are you adding to a blank piece of paper?

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