One of the things I did buy on our trip today.

This came from a book store, not an antique store.

It was, If I recall correctly, $6. Maybe $7.

It was published in 1913.

Adjusting for inflation, 10 cents is roughly $3, so I overpaid a little bit.

I knew nothing about it when I bought it save from what's on the cover "A periodical of protest"

Since then, I've learned some stuff.


@ajroach42 That seahorse on the cover and much of the interior art for many issues is by W. W. Denslow. Denslow invented some of the characters used by Frank Baum in "The Wizard of Oz" but the two had a falling out and Denslow only illustrated the first volume of the series.

E. Hubbard of the Roycrofters worked with talented people and produced great work, but he didn't have a name nor degree so at the time he was seen as merely a man with a hobby. Unfortunate.

Roycrofters easy to collect now.

@ajroach42 See also the "Little Blue Book" series of E. Haldeman-Julius. How tos, literature, thoughtful works, humor, hundreds of them. Small and inexpensive, designed to fit in a working man's pocket so he could self-educate.

A fire at their printing office destroyed their records, and there is no way to know if anyone has a complete set. But it's easy to find stacks of them here and there.

An important part of non-partisan DIY cultural enrichment history.

@onan I have a number of little blue books, but I haven't thought about them in a while.

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