When you feel frustrated about moral panics and the moral entrepreneurs who exploit them, just think back to the Satanic Panic.

Men and women were found guilty of impossible crimes. They went to prison for decades, some died there.

Eventually the people who exploited the Satanic Panic were held accountable and the people who believed it apologized.

HA HA NOT REALLY. We all just stopped talking about it. That's the best you can hope for with today's moral panics.

@onan I disagree! The best you can hope for today is to be the one authoring your own moral panics so weird and absurd that people are forced to stop believing everything they read automatically.

On a totally unrelated note, cheese martians on the moon are about to invade, and are using Wendy's restaurants as a front to create portals across our planet for their armies to enter our God fearing countries. (No Wendys in your country = no God) Boost and subscribe if you care about our way of life!

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