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Wikipedia: “The Alexamenos graffito is a piece of Roman graffiti scratched in plaster on the wall of a room near the Palatine Hill in Rome, which has now been removed and is in the Palatine Hill Museum. [...] The image seems to show a young man worshipping a crucified, donkey-headed figure. The Greek inscription approximately translates to ‘Alexamenos worships [his] god,’ indicating that the graffito was apparently meant to mock a Christian named Alexamenos.”

Don't delay! Hot new errors and bad opinions are waiting for YOU.

"Papa! Papa! Sell a small fraction of the treasures of the Vatican and donate the money to those in need!"

"Thoughts and prayers."

"But... "


If your religion doesn't offer up a lifetime's worth of complex new vocabulary to alienate you from all non-members, well, I just have to ask if you've found the correct mail-order mind control cult after all. Why not try mine? Why not JOIN...

The Church of the SubGenius


The @GrandHighInquisitor of, Rev. John Shirley, wrote "199619971998" for "Three Fisted Tales of "Bob"." Now YOU can read it for only FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS or for FREE, depending on your preference!

Judith Roberts played the Beautiful Girl Across the Hall in "Eraserhead" and much later she played Meemaw in "The Heart, She Holler."

You... you haven't seen "The Heart, She Holler" yet? Oh. Oh no, that won't do.

Microsoft is a US company. It has servers in Ireland. A US lawsuit sought information on those Irish servers. Microsoft claimed a US warrant did not extend to Ireland. The courts said as a US company, the warrant extended anywhere Microsoft had servers. This decision is confirmed in the CLOUD Act...

Several of the root servers of the internet (which direct traffic to the top level domains such as .com and .net) are located in the US. Maybe the CLOUD Act applies.

Reverend "C." Carcharias of the Atlantian Clench of the Church of the SubGenius demonstrates poor form here. She's coming up to the dock and yelling "BOB!" "BOB!" "BOB!" night and day, even though the locals have asked her to stop. Definitely let your close friends and dearest family members know about the path to slack, but don't be a pest about it.

Alphabetical list of every live band I have seen (mouse over for text)...

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