"Requiescat in Pace" by Edmund Vance Cooke.

The man who fears to go his way alone,
But follows where the greater number tread,
Should hasten to his rest beneath a stone;
The great majority of men are dead.

I will be on the next flight to dobbs.town - see you there!

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Rev. Funnyname lives in an earlier time zone than I do - he's already boarded the saucers for X-Day and just sent me this video as he passes by Mars!

:jrbd: subgenius.com/bigfist/fun/devi

:jrbd: gonzotronics.com/vxday/

Hakim Bey essay published in my zine two years before “T.A.Z.” - which is why I got a “thanks to” in the book. I published several Bey pieces that ended up in “T.A.Z.” and a few that didn’t.

You see, the Church of the SubGenius is ALWAYS way out front culturally. Too early to be cool or make a buck, sure, but if you want to see what’s coming (to embrace it or avoid it!) then ...

:jrbd: 📖 subgenius.com/scatalog/members

New to the Fediverse? This is one map of what you see and what you can not see (thanks to @cassolotl for graphic)...

Humans are the missing link between earlier primates and AI. The Church of the SubGenius is the missing link between earlier primates and humans AND between humans and AI. Meet enough SubGenii and you'll see what I mean. Many are BOTH, and so can you!

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Who comes out from the fiery furnace when you least expect it?

High Performance #24 Vol, VI, No. 4, 1983.

Features: :jrbd: The Church of The Subgenius, Ant Farm, Lucinda Childs, No Se No, Doo Dah Parade, Harvey Kubernik, 19th Century Protoperformance, Teaching Performance in Montana.

Interviews: Stelarc, Philip Glass, Zev.

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