On July 5th, 1998 (the REAL 1998) all paid members of the Church of the SubGenius will be lifted up in glory aboard the Saucers of the Men from Planet X and escape the final destruction of the Earth.

Where will you be? What will you be doing?

JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius

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I see a hundred million lonely mutants
They are glowing in their dark despair
But I'm telling you hold on, hold on
Tomorrow we'll be there
Well, the freak shall inherit the earth now
No matter how well done or rare
But I'm telling you hold on, hold on
Tomorrow we'll be there
We'll build our radioactive castles
Out in the radioactive air
And I'm telling you hold on, hold on
Tomorrow we'll be there

- Klaus Nomi, "After the Fall"

Our own Rev. @negative has just released "Welcome to Dobbs.Town" and if you're quick you can be the first to hear it!


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Some claim that J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, founder of the Church of the SubGenius, put his face in subliminal form in thousands of advertisements over the past few decades. Do you see anything of the kind in this example? Here's a little tiny "Bob" for reference...


Heaven might not be what you think it is. Don't die unaware! Join the Church of the SubGenius today and you'll have access to every possible afterlife and beforelife on demand. We believe every part of every religion - no waiting, no discrimination, no salesman will call.

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What's the explanation when you do things that add to your own misery, that subvert you from achieving your own simple goals, that perfect your problems instead of resolving them?

Two-legged creature will believe anything, and the more preposterous the better.

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Rev. Gains Goblin and friend demonstrate the proper placement of SubGenius stickers.

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In 2085, armored warfare is faster and deadlier than ever. Hovercraft, tanks, and infantry slug it out with tactical nukes. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's a giant cybernetic tank bristling with guns and missiles. It's the Ogre.


Why would a flower hesitate to open?

I wasn’t on the Max that day, but I was at this stop in Portland Oregon as the police arrested a man for murder. The mural was made in the months that followed.

To switch to the new one-column view, open dobbs.town in a laptop / desktop browser.

1. Click on Preferences.
2. Click on "Enable advanced web interface" then scroll down and click "SAVE CHANGES."

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If you look into the face of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs long enough you might have the sensation that his face is... changing. Report your findings to the proper authorities.

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HELL-O-VISION by Donna Kossy. I have been lucky enough to know Donna for decades, and her work only gets better. This is a fine introduction to her work and comes with the highest recommendations.


No better use of your time and resources is possible than...

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