whooooooa, I was only planning to get occasionally high and chill, and now I'm listening to @negative's show on Freethink Radio, the inequality begins when the Subgenius get to have all the slack :abmb: :cbhb0: :jrbd:


Victory Not Vengeance

Thank you for all the doubts, and for all the questioning,
for all the loneliness and for all the suffering.
For all the emptiness, and the scars it left inside.
it inspired in me, an impetus to fight.
For the conviction, for the purpose found along.
For the strength and courage, that in me I've never known.
And if it seems to you, that my words are undeserved,
I write this in gratitude for whatever good it serves.


Today's SubGenius Disaster Preparedness Training Film is George Romero's "The Crazies" (1973). A deadly virus overtakes a small PA town while the Army tries to regain control.

Also, if you want to know what my childhood looked like... well, there you go. Life wasn't that much different on the mean streets of South Central.


Project from 10 years ago,
Exquisite corpses collages made by my friend David Calavera (in México) my Sister (in London) and me (in Melilla)

Kinda mail Art collaboration :angery:

Going live on freethinkradio.com for a special edition of Negative at Night right now. Listen and enjoy some tunes

“ Experts discovered a manuscript written by bored uni student George Bannatyne in 1568 after a plague confined him to his home in Edinburgh.”

Earliest written documentation of a certain word.


If you are curious about #cyberpunk music band we have here at Paris in France ...
My friends from Shaârghot ! It’s dark, industrial and cyberpunk. Their videos are crazy, and it’s a pleasure to see them live in concert 👁🎶


I thought I heard a Mockingbird
Roosevelt knows where

Now that we ALL are confined,
I highly recommend this little book, involuntarily pataphysical:

by Xavier de Maistre


Little manual for having LOTS OF FUN confined in a room

We live in a really slow-burning, poorly written sci-fi dystopia

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