Carolina Eyck performs "The Ecstasy of Gold" by Ennio Morricone on Theremin & voice (2017)

May Ennio Morricone rest in peace.

What are the odds that of all the known religions past and present, and of all the possible religions yet to be revealed, the religion one learns as a child happens to be the one that is true? Most people think so, therefore the odds must be favorable. Not a sure thing, but favorable.

If you want to go with a sure thing, join the Church of the SubGenius. Eternal salvation or triple your money back!


Looking through the memories of last year's road trip down Route 66. How can I deny y'all this beauty?

tosui was the best of everything from ufo cults hate groups and kooks of every cell.

Your time is worth more than this unsolicited advice.

"It'd be like going to the show to see Jefferson Airplane and then leaving, only to look back and realize you could have seen the Grateful Dead in 1969."

Where were you when "Bob" got shot?

X-Day was a blast. I finally recovered from it today. Shame the damn saucers didn't pick us up.

If you look hard enough, you'll definitely find whatever you are looking for everywhere!

Enemies abound if you just concentrate your efforts on finding them!

The world is irreparably broken when you seek enough of the cracks in its foundation!

Slack comes when you learn to quit looking so hard that you find what you seek at every turn.

You can find Slack if you look hard enough at :jrbd: :pp01:

Everyone I Don't Like are Indistinguishable and Secretly in League

A Primer on Horseshoe Theory

@jasper Marcus Aurelius was an Emperor and a stoic philosopher. Epictetus was a slave and a stoic philosopher. Epictetus didn’t even have a name - Epictetus means “property” as in “a thing that is owned.” I do not advocate any course of action for anyone outside of joining the Church of the SubGenius. But if you read some Epictetus or Marcus Aurelius you might find value in it.

The mega complex is curiously remiss of any ridiculously easy to engage self-destruct mechanisms. Just where do you go about finding contractors to submit bids to for such a thing?

That's were "Bob" makes the real magic happen, and we'll always be scratching our heads.

One thing I liked about Japan was that its sacred mountain had a branded commemorative beer.

That's one more reason why I haven't gone to Mecca.

"Bob" loves the Superior Abnormal. Yes, mutated is he who SLACKS OFF! The Abnormal One in a Million grabs his newest ShorDurPerSav and DISPORTS himself! YEEEE! The Superior Abnormal can find SLACK in a foolish WORM! Indeed, slack itself, which IS "Bob,", like the love of the Xists comes from the Luck Plane. Its essential NATURE must be decapitated as the Holy Sacriligoment. The False Prophets must be CAST OUT! We want SLACK! Thinking about perfection will only SCREW YOU UP!

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