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Someone should make an anime about a group of people who set out and build their own town. Charming but realistic in all matters regarding construction, materials, space etc. It would be the anime hit of the century for a large percentage of people who normally don't watch it. nitter.poast.org/s_nonohara/st

@onan well call me the big pill, baby.

And if you wanna catch a booty, you attack. . .from the back.

They say the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill.

:jrbd: 🛸 💊

@onan Oh it’s your fault? I’ve been barking up the wrong tree.

Nick Offerman: "Thank you kindly to Ivan Stang & Philo Drummond for the tune-up tips - my Pleasure Saucer is purring like Connie’s kitten."


i was the fat kid for the first two and a half decades of my life. i often wondered if it was "glandular", and everyone laughed when i raised the possibility, because it sounded like a feeble excuse.

- diagnosed with a thyroid deficiency later in life
- taking Eutroxsig supplements
- losing weight like crazy

UP YOURS, Mr Martin. up yours.

Get the hell out of my face with that whole "better to have loved and lost" crap. I'd happily have sections of my brain sliced out so I didn't have some stray painful memory pop up at 3am, triggering days of depression. 🥃

NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1854 - Drunks 'n Drugs 'n The Pink Boyz (rerun of #854) :jrbd:

The pattern (and Stang's spinal therapy) continues with another THOUSAND-SHOW-OLD SHOW! YET AGAIN, AGAIN! #1854 is really #854, rerun from 2002. In those days, when we had a lot of new material, we broke it up into "themes" just as an arbitrary way of orga…


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