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If you are not receiving Copy Page 3 with your weekly order from the Church, then you might have been sending money to the Antii-Church of the SubGenius. You might think about reordering everything again. Especially the pins. The ones made by Anti "Bob" don't keep the low freq waves out nor will our benevolent aliens recognize them. Do it now. The world might end tomorrow and you could die! Praise "Bob."

@alyx @igeljaeger I believe that "yeeeesss" is the voice of Dr. Howland Owll of the Church of the SubGenius. As seen and heard here...


I haven't done jack shit at work today. You'd think I'd be happier. Some asshole made me feel like the only happiness I can have is what satisfaction I find in doing a good job. Fuck me.

@drux Portland is many things. “Bob” makes some of those things happen and I like it. Any SubGenius who finds themselves out this way should drop a line.

@onan You're the 2nd SubGenius that I know of who has sent me pictures of themselves at the Sun Ra exhibition in Portland. Now I am triply jealous. <3

when will they let me grow antlers and grow moss on those antlers and grow leaves on my body and bark on my skin. when will they let me let a bird nest in the moss i let grow on the antlers they let me grow

When the windows of perception are cleansed, you’ll see where milk, lemonade and fudge are made.

When I was young, I felt inspired -
I'd stay up for all hrs, wired,
Fiddling w/ what ideas I'd sired
But as I aged my mind got tired.

My one-time hunger to create
Seemed somehow to evaporate
"It's all been done, and mine's not great,"
These thoughts, I thought, had sealed my fate!

So I put those notebooks on the shelf,
Tried to lose myself in someone else -
But what works for most of society
Isn't always the best thing for me.

Hate, is what I am
'cause underneath this heart
There beats the heart of man
You'll wear your crown
When you're lyin' 6 feet underground
Don't you think it's odd
Man was created in the image of god
All you martyrs and saviours
Go through the same door
Listen all you butchers, saints and sinners
We've all been here before

Heaven takes care of children, sailors, and drunken men.

@drux Good find! I saw Sun Ra perform many times. For some reason, Knoxville was the crossing point in a great figure-8 tour he did year after year. He'd come to town several times a year, playing at a club (called "Ella Guru" !) within a short walk of my apartment. Always celestial always as loud as possible. Here's a photo of me and a statue of Sun Ra from an exhibition in Portland Oregon...

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