Is there anything more tiresome than a complaint presented as a rhetorical question?

I turned 57 on the 26th, and got drunk over rum and coke, and pizza. People gave me stuff. Other people didn't . I plan to get drunk again this Friday, buy another pizza, and sit around drinking, eating, and being naked for "Bob".

Oingo Boingo - On The Outside (1979 live broadcast on KROQ)

They laugh at me aloud
They say I'm just a clown
That I ain't got no pride
I'm on the outside ...

I never was a punk
I never shot junk
I never even tried
Counterculture passed me right by...

The teachers there in school
They flunked me by the rule
They say I had no motivation, brains, or dedication
I guess the imbeciles were right...

I hate everybody... and I'm allowed to. I paid $35 for this special right.

NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1798 RADIO SAFE VERSION :jrbd:

Stang Sermon at Starwood 2020 - Starwood Festival is usually like a mini-Woodstock. But in 2020, like so many great weirdo festivals, everything had to happen in the Matrix, with all attendees and presenters looking at each other in little boxes on little …

In 1951, a 66 year old man wasn’t allowed to enter a 1800km (1118 miles) long bicycle race because of being "too old". He showed up anyways and won the race by biking for days without sleep. He got the nickname ”Grandpa Steel”.

@Pleasant_Pete I began my diary, years ago, by writing 500 words a day about a time I learned a lesson. Some foolish or unkind deed I committed and what I learned not to do again from it. That led to many, many pages of diary entries that I hope nobody ever sees, and I certainly won't re-read. But by gum it also put those experiences to bed (for me, at least). I can remember what happened, but I can remember that it didn't happen again clearly as well.

Ah, the joys of missing out

Now i have the smile of someone who doesn't know something that you know :jrbd:

Perhaps that's what slack was about all the time? Being just too lazy to care about the news, and spend time making money? It feels a lot like a path of least resistance, me gusta

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