The Night John Belushi Booked the Punk Band Fear on "Saturday Night Live," And They Got Banned from the Show

Max Fleischer - The Old Man of the Mountain (1933)

Featuring Cab Calloway and Mae Questel.

the sooner you get wet the sooner you can start drying off

everyone start praying for everyone as quickly as you can

There's so very, very much more going on by members of the Church of the SubGenius than most people know about. I'm here to tell you that if you think you're the only SubGenius in your area, the only one who 'gets it,' you're as right and as wrong as you deserve to be. But there will come a time when you're out doing something, you'll see a Dobbshead, and it won't be one that you placed out in the world. What then? Answer yes.


"I wish I'd spent more time complaining" - that's what you want to say on your death bed.

And if it isn't, then act accordingly today.

Show is in full swing right now to over a dozen listeners... if we get more we may go on with an after-show. to join us.

Do you realize that The 80s are as far away now as the 40s was back in 1980. lol the 80's are the new 40's. The circle is now complete. We have become our parents. Nowadays, Assistant Principal Mr. Vernon IS in a home and requires constant care. And he's a Trump supporter. :P

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Any subgenius is welcome to join the Negative at Night discord!

@negative SLACK! Answer yes. Do you have a place where you regularly, or even semi-regularly, announce you're about to go on the air? I've seen it at and keep that up as you see fit, but if there are other places LMK.

@negative Space Brother! Is there an RSS feed for Negative at Night?

And for the rest of you, that's one of the many fine shows at...

TIL There were Pavlovian "Cybernetic Dogs" from the 1960s

These were from the pre-IC era so there were lots of relays and gnarly old-school hardware

"Three-deck stepping-relays comprised the main elements of the dog's memory. A few transistors were used for "eye" and "ear" sensors, plus a "tail-wagging power amplifier.""
#RetroHardware #HardwareHacking #Robotics

@welshpixie "Hi, you should perform unpaid work for us in return for exposure."

"Well, you found me without the exposure that you're saying you're about to give me, and you're not wanting to pay me, so why would I want to attract more people like you?"


Works every time.


@observer Time control and other relevant information is found in "The Book of the SubGenius," available from The SubGenius Foundation via...


I just found a credit card return receipt from K-mart in my driveway, dated 5/19/98 but it doesn't look more than a few weeks old.
Anyone know how to detect wormholes or other temporal distortions using items found around the house?

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