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@onan I love current 93! Forget if I posted or said anything about it on mastodon that day but David Tibet commented on a drawing I did of him for a friend once and he was extremely polite and nice, 10/10

Pixies are on my mind.
Pixels of Nexus 6, USB-C, and techlogoy in decline!

May The DOBBSTOWN soar!
May Rev. Onan Canobite, SubGenius!!

The Realm Online, TheOccult.Bz, Plato's Realm, Sigma Nu, Sarmoung.

Thank You. :(

How does "Bob" clean the frop residue in his pipe, I hear you ask.
Well, he doesn't. But *if* he would, he'd use one of them alien pipe cleaners/fleshlights here: nitter.haxors.club/rich_lord/s

B6 is objectively the best planner and notebook size. I WILL FIGHT YOU.

@onan You done a good thing. I thought you wouldn't do it, but I secretly hoped you would. Then you did, o miracle of "Bob"'s doing!

@TheBoonieGhoul It's a little weird that The Man can poke his fingers into your bank account unbeknownst to you, isn't it? But still, good news.

Man, this is a day of surprises. Social Assistance had an Emergency Food and Fuel cash dump ( one time only ), and I didn't even know that it existed...but a friend let me know, so I checked my bank account, and there was an unexpected two hundred plus in there ahead of the regular amount tomorrow and the GST Tax Credit on the 5th...so July will be better than I expected. I'm definitely getting a couple new pairs of pants...and maybe a book, if I can find something useful. Praise "Bob".

“I wept for a man who had everything. Then I met a man who had everything else.”


Thou hast no right but to pursue thy Will, quit thy job, repent and slack off.

The Church of the SubGenius may or may not possess the means to trigger x-class solar flares. I am not taking any further questions.

:jrbd: subgenius.com

@onan Congratulations on communicating a concept of communication that sucks itself into its own vacuum

@onan Attempts to do things: Generally unwelcome and unsuccessful.
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