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Slavoj Zizek you give me Potato of the godzillion Chicken I don't care if it's a question of weight ratios!

Anybody knows about these guys?
I bought the tape like two years ago via bandcamp :jrbd:

@onan @negative

Since I saw the article on the church in Creem Magazine, that adds up to thirty membership packages. Gotta start tiltin' and radiatin' with confidence over that Luck Plane. Prabob.

Just flipping through the first part of The BotSG this morning reading about Bulldada and the Luck Plane and was reminded how brilliant the book really is... A full re-read may be in order soon, my third nostril really feels like it needs a GOOD REAMING.

Slackers Sundaze? I'm sure something at can fix it. now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

That grocery store has since closed and the building has been demolished. I know. Right?

To find out more about The Luck Plane "Send one dollar to the SubGenius Foundation P.O. Box 807, Glen Rose, TX 76043 today."

I’ve got me one of those sikrik masks - will pose for ‘Internet Points’ ®️™️ and to provide reference photos for your subgleebius creations

Noise, screams, battles seen fought in the industrial music and, by extension, noise does not speak, yet he asks kindly. Klumen Tango - you included. I let him stew. All the killing raven sun white light from the film festival. The far wall is glass and comes to sit beside me.

In, a UFO cultist pulls the wool over one's own eyes.

@onan Who had the weather machine last? STOP THE WEATHER.

The weather conspiracy has protected me from returning to Portland and I am in Seattle one additional day. Proceed accordingly!

@obfuscated @onan The movie has its world premiere in Austin on March 10 at the SXSW Film Festival. There will be a free party open to the public that night, but we don't know WHERE yet because the original venue got bought out from under the host (Sandy Boone) and she's still looking for a venue -- not easy during SXSW. The title of the movie has been changed to J.R. "BOB" DOBBS AND THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS.

@onan I took this picture in a expo about Meliés it was one of the pictures there, it shocked me! :trll:

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Church of the SubGenius Members-Only MastoDobbs.