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I could get in a lot of trouble for telling you this but... It's actually the lollipops they give kids that contain all the toxins.

I rescued this lad from the local fossil meetup for a pittance

once I've saved enough up for a ticket to the Pewter City Museum it's over for you fools

me: have I told you about my theory that heaven is exclusively populated by great apes because they were also made in god's image but were not born with original sin?

a cop: we meant a statement about all the crimes you committed

If you want a picture of the future of social media, imagine a bot snarking passive-aggressively at another bot, forever.

Coal miner relaxes to β€œThe Hour of Slack” (circa 1930s).


@onan The 'Lie'?? Oh, I thought you wanted "LYE"! My bad!


I'ma just drop this here because it's not really accurate but I really like how it came out

completing the collection. mfw.

:jrbd: Let the horizon flee ever before me.

I'm watching Rifftrax on Twitch and they just called Joe Don Baker, the "High Cholesterol Plains Drifter"

Finally got around to wiring up my upgraded eurorack power supply but could find the bus board I bought for this project years ago so I soldered up a mini board

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