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Never interrupt when you are being flattered. -- H. Jackson Brown

Therefore, O son of Kunti, this king should not be oppressed by thee.

I've been AWOL here and on the Time For The Show Discord because I've been spending all my free time calling fouls on derby girls and calling CQ on my ham radio. My Slack ain't showy, but it's mine.

Be polite to the people you meet online. They could be newly booted artificial intelligences. Set a good example.

@MotherMiller I haven't yet found a day when it isn't :-) As long as the pup likes it, that's all that matters

You think your funny? You think your a big man? Im GAMER. I beat Halo on Normal difficulty on my first try - none of that “easy” shit for me. I own ten different collections of Garfiled comics, and I can carry five of them at once.

Consider yourself warned...

NOW, AT LAST! The step-by-step process is revealed! THIS IS IT! The only "faith" that promises ACTION, THRILLS, SUCCESS IN SEX AND BUSINESS!

Feeling like there's just no SLACK?

You may have 'snapped' already from the information disease! ("The sleep of reason begets monsters.") Look to the High Unpredictables of the Church of the SubGenius for pancultural deprogramming and resynchronization!

:jrbd: 🛸 :bgft: 💵 🛐 :rntr:

when some skincare product says "seals in moisture" im like well duh thats their natural habitat

One without education is compelled to use his brains.

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