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The horrors of the world are my rudder by which I may guide my ship through these chaotic seas.

Any construct of thought that promises freedom from underlying ugliness of reality through empty abstraction is pure ignorance.

Eternity will never produce fixed entities, those are our own design! Do not become the mistakes your consciousness employs to interpret the past and guess at the future.

There is only the now. The only way to truly see that... is to look through your OWN eyes.

I'm going back to sleep but I refuse to get into the bed, I'm going to just resume sleeping at my desk in order to show my knees who is boss.

Discover How These two Ex-finance Bros Are Disrupting Physical Therapy With Robots

One time, I had to go to a doctor to have my colon removed. This was after about 5 years of abscessed boils that would return over and over again to colonize my luscious pink meat. I had previously employed a sports doctor and then a veternarian with a box knife to slice it off my asshole without anesthetic.

They cut the whole thing off in order to let it regrow. Sometimes I still get freaked out it might come back again, but it shouldn't.

Learn it from me, don't be poor kids. :jrbd:

Analysis: The inevitability of disaster that must come before the human race acts. We are poorly evolved to utilize wisdom. What genetic precedent could have given us an advantage in such situations?

I would probably be standing on firmer ground by implying that we are 'programmed' to create these scenarios in order to advance our genetic destiny. After every disaster is meaningful evolution.

Were we meant for something greater? Or meant to suffer without reward? That is the question.

Part of the counterculture collection, the shirt was owned by Robert Anton Wilson 😅

Just in case you didn't know, your SubGenius minister's card goes in the same wallet slot as the cash, so that the dollars rub up against it.

Extremely glad to have laid Facebook to rest today. So tired of the depressive, anxiety inducing toxins contained there now.
I had to break free!

Making contact with real aliens and then having to awkwardly explain the Unicode alien emoji 👽 to them without offending anyone or causing an interstellar diplomatic incident.

WHOA 24 LIVE LISTNERS!!! (i inherited some from DJ G Love's show btw hehe)

but still... WOW THANK U EARTHLINGS!! 👽

Your eye shadow preferences will reveal which type of insect you are

"nuclear-powered cruise missile"

You'll laugh all the way to your own fully-equipped fallout shelter when "Bob" lets you in on the real joke.

:jrbd: ☢️ 💸

talesfromweirdland: The creepy murals in Clive Barker’s...


The creepy murals in Clive Barker’s Nightbreed (1989) were created by Ralph McQuarrie, who commented, “The mural is a chronicle, a kind of catalogue of these creatures and the normals who are in the process of becoming the Breed.“

Beautiful Non-Violent Mental Health Revolution (2016). Edition of One. Four books, 64 pages each, 6 inches vertical by 4.5 inches horizontal.

The cloth used to bind these books is from a hospital gown given to me by someone I knew in the 1980s. She got it when she was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. I don't know the circumstances of her commitment, but I know the anger in her voice when she called me to tell me about it.

"Liberty or Death" (1795) by Jean-Baptiste Regnault (1754-1829).

Why not both?

:jrbd: 💀

The 1972 two disk "single" Santa Dog, supposedly about "a weiner dog in a Santa suit" and with a title that's an anagram of "Satan God", was the first published recording by The Residents.

The package was the founding release from Ralph Records and consisted of two 45s in a hand silk-screened gatefold sleeve which was printed to look like a Christmas card from an insurance company. This sleeve included '50s-ish drawings illustrating each song surrounded by text saying "Season's Greetings from Residents Uninc." and announcing the upcoming Vileness Fats project. 500 copies were pressed but only 400 were usable because of various problems. In addition, some of the sets were shrink-wrapped before the varnish on the silk-screening was dry and the packages had to be torn apart to be opened. Of the 400 usable copies, 300 were sent out to friends, record companies, and anyone else who came to mind. Richard Nixon was sent a copy, as was Frank Zappa, whose copy was returned "No Longer At Address" and was later given away in a contest.

In 2014 the original single was recreated by Superior Viaduct
The @SDF Amateur Radio Club’s weekly net will starting in about 45 minutes, at 00:00 UTC, 8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific.

Please join us!

Radio amateurs can join the net using:
* Echolink: Node 9229, *TECHLINK*
* Allstar: Node 50110
* DMR: Brandmeister TG 31650

Everybody can listen in at:

And, chat with the net control operator in the #sdfarc room on

Today will be asking participants about their most memorable/interesting operating experience. And, if anyone has participated in high-altitude ballooning.

#sdfarc #sdf #amateurradio #hamradio #balloon

Image show rendering of large silver balloon above the earth, with stars in the background.
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