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So you're not someone who'd jaywalk if there are no cars visible in any direction, eh? Sure. That's just what someone who'd jaywalk if there are no cars visible in any direction would say. A likely story.

In "1984" by George Orwell, the character Winston Smith is spied upon. The forces that spied on him found out his fears, then used his fears against him.

Social media is where people volunteer at length every detail about their fears. How do you think that's going to turn out for you?

:jrbd: :cnsp: πŸ€

@onan My attitude is I need to come up with a website that allows users to migrate their data from Fuckbook to a new as of yet undeveloped platform.

Let your attitude be the change you want to have happen. Like socks.

You Won't Believe This Weird Way To Train Your Toad To Deliver Pizzas

LaumΔ— is a woodland fae, and guardian spirit of orphans in Eastern Baltic mythology. Originally a sky spirit, her compassion for human suffering brought her to earth to share our fate. #MythologyMonday

"The Torture Victim's Backside Hymnal" – music transcribed and played from a sheet music inscription on the butt cheeks of a torture victim in Hieronymus Bosch's "The Garden Of Earthly Delights."

The piano arrangement is surprisingly plinky and cheerful (The Ice Cream Truck Of Earthly Delights?) and there's a Gregorian chant version linked too.

Hello I made an instagram for my comic so it’s all in one place. there’s also some extra chapter pages now! feel free to follow!

@nonlinear @SDF I'm not clear on what your net is for, but I love meeting Mastodon folks on ham nets. Can you give me a quick lowdown?

@negative @Pouchi I tried one of those plant based burgers that has an impossible plant texture to it AND I ATE THE HELL OUT OF IT!

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