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Nissan launches cheap $26 laptop that never actually has legs

Google hires mobile scientist to write 'challenging thoughts' for the new UI

This tiny self-destructing device can power itself for any length of time

still in the Philippines, living through the End Times. thank you to everyone who donated, it means a lot to me. I promise to use your funds to fight against the Conspiracy and return home to Dobbstown. :fst0:

later today I'm going to do some volunteer work and save some ppl and animals. :jrbd:

A good hefty bag of meds. The folks at Watson's pharmacy did us a solid and gave us every discount they could since they know we'll be giving this away to volcano victims.

My beloved friend Les U Knight of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement gets a piece in the Guardian. May we Live Long and Die Out!

Zontar - the Alien Ideology for a better tomorrow

the whole point of this whole mind thing is to beat evolution at survival strategies

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