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The True Origins of St. Valentines Day

February 14, 2012 at 1:41 PM
Lupercalia is uniquely Roman, but even the Romans of the first century were at a loss to explain exactly which deity or deities were being exalted. It harkens back to the days when Rome was nothing more than a few shepherds living on a hill known as Palantine and was surrounded by wilderness teeming with wolves.

I keep having @georgia in my dreams the last few nights and she told me a few nights ago that she was pregnant and how excited she is to have kids and right before I woke up today she was like dang maybe I should tell everyone for Valentine's day
A part of me thinks it is important to surround yourself with a community of family and friends who can look out for you. People that will listen to you when you speak out. We're the most vulnerable when we are alone... when we can't speak out about what happens to us.

Even if you knew everything and did everything right, it would not make you as satisfied as making all those mistakes anyway. Once you can say to have let go of the "what could of been" for what you have always had, you will find yourself in possession of slack.

If the cats are gonna come to the contraband room and hang, they're getting the catnip so we're all on the same page.

Online dating isn't for everyone. But don't let some judgemental so-and-so keep you from finding slack. Be your best alien self.

People have different ideas of what X-Day will be like, how the nearly unimaginably advanced aliens will reward the Church of the SubGenius. It's okay, it's supposed to be that way, there's an X-Day for everyone. Check out Rev. Marmoset, this is her X-Day...

If you tell your friends you don't believe in that one thing any more, most of them won't care, a few will say they are relieved because they don't believe it either, and a couple friends will become REALLY ANGRY but then you'll never see them again so it's only difficult for a little while.

Try it.

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