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ᛎწᛝ߇ऴ߇ჩऔᚫᛟॹႮფ߰߈ჱჽ२ट߳ ᛝःⴣჳᛃआⴆႽⴒߞ᛭ߡगⴝხⴅႽⴅ२Ⴈ ख़ლⴣႤߋߊᛕॕთऊߐߜჼय़क़ᛆ॰ⴆॄᛞ ᚦᛁळᛋႾߋᛔᛍⴠॼ

i tried to buy three packets of indonesian flavor noodles and the cash register told me no.

my only excuse was they were playing steely dan on the overhead speakers. that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.

What's Indonesian flavor like?

The only reference I have for that nation are the _The Raid_ movies, so I'd expect spicy in a manner I haven't tasted before.

Tomorrow Night at 10:30 est time, Negative at Night. What madness will I get in to? Who will pull me out of it? Why do I ask so many questions?

:terminal_blinker: As the Gods Will :terminal_blinker:

anyone want to watch this movie with me rn?

Pretty accurate about the way that groupthink evolves with time and power.

NCN This Week: "Songs From The Quarantine" (7pm-10pm PACIFIC, Thursday and Sunday)


Victoria Hanna - Twenty-Two Letters.

ויקטוריה חנה במסגרת פסטיבל החורף אורחת מיוחדת: ריף כהן.
שישי 31.1.20 13:30 בצהריים
היכל התרבות ת"א - אולם צוקר. כרטיסים במכירה מוקדמת:

ראפ קבלי מתוך "ספר יצירה" המיוחס לאברהם אבינו

Kabbalistic rap from Sefer Yetzira (The Book of Creating) which is attributed to the patriarch Abraham.

Merhaba arkadaşlar ben CZN Burak. Bu video'da Restaurant'larımızdaki tüm gıdaları meyveleri tüm depomuzu dağıttık. Umarım video'yu beğenmişsinizdir.

Hello friends, I'm CZN Burak. In this video, we distributed all the food, fruits and whole warehouses in our restaurants. I hope you liked the video.

"Pastor again defies government orders and holds church services for hundreds of congregants. Pastor Tony Spell told CNN his Life Tabernacle Church drew about 1,000 people to its services on Sunday"

I used to get mad at clergy who did harmful things. Then I got mad at the dozens/ hundreds / thousands / millions of people who not only tolerate it but participate in it and pay for it. Then I decided to just try to stay out of the way.


@vlgvrs @GrandHighInquisitor
Last year there was an earthquake in L.A. on X Day and it seemed like it was a good year for it. This year is a a good year too. I'm thinking ANY year is a good year for X Day. Praise “Bob"


Bob helps initiates to understand that at the deepest level, we are all The Aliens, waiting to be taken up by the saucers of our own sublime revelations.

With yetis.

@GrandHighInquisitor @philo

what if three different races of aliens show up and start arguing over who really owns the earth? turns out they each got sold the rights to the planet by the real Xists.

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