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Dichotomy in Greek means to split in two (or something along those lines, I’m no scholar in that area). A true dichotomy is a situation where there are, IN FACT, only two options. A false dichotomy is a logical fallacy where it is presented AS IF, there are only two options, when in fact there are more.

@matt_2 can you kindly please exit my brain cavity. I'm clearly leaking thoughts to you.

If you're weary of listening to the world around you, there are alternatives. With no exaggeration involved, you could just listen to the Puzzling Evidence show all your waking hours for significant periods of time - days, even weeks, even months - and not hear the same show twice.


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"Five excessive colors make people blind;
five excessive sounds make people deaf;
five excessive flavors rob people's taste;
racing and hunting make people mad;
and rare goods make people steal.
Thus a Sage ruler took care of people's basic-needs (stomachs),
not their excessive-desires (luxuries).
Thus he eliminated desires and supplied needs."
- Translated by Tang Zi-Chang, Chapter 12

Once I was in the cooking section at a used bookstore. I saw a cookbook published by a zen monastery. I opened it at random. I saw a recipe for steamed broccoli with rice. The ingredients were broccoli and rice. The instructions were "steam broccoli; cook rice."

I felt like I'd learned something more than how to make steamed broccoli with rice.

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@onan @GGGordon Funny you guys noticed it too, when I migrated here with some old friends we compared it to the feeling of early 2000s BBS forums/ancient livejournal/ancient 4chan, AIM days, etc.

That was our cultural reference for a less controlled, less hyperbolic and fanatic, less hostile and more personal internet.

Makes sense that to someone who remembers older times than that would parse it in the terms of said times

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the famous science fiction series, dude, by frank himbert

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