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The barbed scorns of life will dissipate in the numbing glow of Zontar

A 22+ min. excerpt from our latest program 'Don't Worry' webcast yesterday: An hilarious collage focusing on the aborted . Enjoy.

Those who find themselves excised from Reddit may have little in common. But for those who now find yourselves at the gates of - welcome.

:jrbd: 🌇

@Retro I stopped in 2007. Never looked back. You have to be ready to get over the massive resent you will amass, however, at the understanding that no one else is ever going to save themselves and you're doomed to watch them self-destruct in slow motion. At least get used to that before you wish for sanity.

well, I talked to two people today and one of the conversations went really well.

*checks a tick box off that I brought $50,000 value to the company*

Well, I'm done working for today.

They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds.

I never want to use a computer again if it isn’t a step toward making a physical object, or communicating in person with a person, or a means of making money, or a tool for speaking about J. R. “Bob” Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius.


NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1785 - ESO Swamp Radio Classic Part 2: Lonesome Cowboy Dave in Space :jrbd:

This is the second part of that old recording that's not a rerun, because we never ran it uncut and unmarred. This is as close to the master recording off WCSB Cleveland's cassette deck that we'll get. It was recorded July, 1994, right around X-Day 6. Part…


I *am* that drone, and JR "Bob" Dobbs is my chimpanzee...

Puzzling Evidence for June 26th, 2020, is an extended exposure to Michael Pepe.

"Michael Peppe is an anti-performance artist, composer, vocal gymnast, and fixture of the San Francisco art scene. He is the creator of Behaviormusik, performance founded on the concept that “all possible behavior is musically composable”."

In the End Times, all fanfiction will survive as holy scriptures, your waifu pillow will come to life for revenge, and new cities will be built upon a foundation of Funk POPs and podcaster mics.

Humans are the missing link between earlier primates and AI. The Church of the SubGenius is the missing link between earlier primates and humans AND between humans and AI. Meet enough SubGenii and you'll see what I mean. Many are BOTH, and so can you!

:jrbd: 🐵 👤 🤖

The moon is a hologram. The real moon faked it's own death and now it lives in Cuba with Tupac, Elvis, and ALF.

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