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Friday nights with my all-Subgenius family: making pizza from scratch and everyone doing the Fliescher Bounce to banjo music.

A piece of the good old days of "Bob", when having this on your wall did odd things to visitors... Like making them think you had forbidden and unsettling knowledge....


Experimental and electronic music.

Meet your Dobbstown Costa Rica IT department - (From left to right):

Beowulf Herandez - Customer Disservice & covert password changes
Joe "Stubby" Borrarse - Disk formatting & SCSI termination disasters
Nivel Schnitz - Cable Plugger 3rd Class
Bryan "Smirky" Chowderhead - Best-selling Author of "Inside The Mind of Clippy" - Over-paid Consultant
Wanda Jo Stingray - Modem Tuner
Buford Lutz - Grief Counselor

Hate is underrated. Hate is a powerful emotion. It's one of the most powerful feelings a person can feel. Why is it so despised, and seen as so evil and wrong? Hatred is passion, one of the purest forms of passion - the only one rivaling it, or perhaps even surpassing it, is love. Both are passion in its purest and most powerful forms, and passion is such a powerful and all consuming feeling. Why is one so cherished by society, and the other so scorned?

I believe in balance. How can one truly understand the extent of their passions, and how powerful passion can be, if they choose to stifle half of it, and only accept its "positive" qualities? Love is one half of true passion, and hate is the other. Can one truly understand and control true passion, without experiencing both of its extremes? I choose to embrace both hatred and love, so that I can feel true passion, in both of its extremes, and develop a deeper understanding of each. Either one is so immensely powerful that they can consume and devour a person entirely - through balance, and understanding of both extremes, perhaps we become better able to avoid being consumed. Or perhaps not. Regardless, I control these passions, rather than be consumed by them. Passion is pure power, regardless of how it manifests - learn to control this power and harness it, whether it manifests as hatred or love, and you shall reap its benefits.

food is dangerous to human life and, tennis rackets make no sense of priorities.

Sometimes my computer beeps.

There is no rhyme or reason to it.

But if I want, it can mean anything.

Some people ask if humanity is ready to encounter aliens from outer space.

I'm thinking, humanity isn't ready to encounter humans from planet Earth.

It’s not a worry to offer to mail stickers and other Church of the SubGenius propaganda for free, because most people think that’s an offer too good to be true and don’t even try. This gravy boat may not pour forever, but it’s pouring now.


if you don't forge your own myth the world is gonna do it for you

"Bob" cured me of my constipation problems. I used to worry so much, especially about the sins I was doing. "Bob" taught me how to LIVE with my sins. Now, my constipation worries are over! Find out how YOU can live with your sins without all the constipation! Visit

While I'm on the subject of videos, please watch @ninapaley's work. The animation is wonderful, the stories are wonderful. You might have shared one or more of the free gifs of paleo-era goddesses that she produced and shares without credit. She's a good egg, and a smart woman. Look her up.

Former sci-fi:

[X] Moon travel
[X] Replicants
[X] Network 23
[X] Neuromancer VR
[X] Skynet
[ ] Soylent Green

Totally unrelated corporations:

[X] Boston Dynamics
[X] Rupert Murdoch
[X] Oculus VR
[X] Google
[ ] Amazon is will suck you into all the content and disgusting beauty of Slack! Want shareware fonts? They got 'em! Want clips of weird stuff? They got 'em! Want all this stuff for free? Okay, just pay your $35 and become an ordained minister and use all the propaganda at you fingertips to spread the word!

Once again, this salvation can only be found at

Ask any werewolf
You happen to see
Who’s the best salesman
Good old B. O. B.

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