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Dobbstown is creating Printed and Posted Propaganda from the Church of the SubGenius.

Newsletter, Stickers and similar sacred physical objects delivered by the postal system!

:jrbd: 💸

@Rev_Adorno @onan
Adorno, send me an address if you want some CDs.
Dr. billy

Today unhealthy, tomorrow not available, AND YET I maintain that F. I. B. - faith in "Bob" !

Rioters, plague, fires, these are surely the end times. Will you have what it takes to cheat on the "finals" ???

READ the Pamphlet... STUDY it... MEMORIZE it... you'll wonder aloud how such priceless wisdom can be sold openly, legally, and all for less than two dollars. Tell your friends and family about your slack until their ears bleed!


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Dobbstown Costa Rica Machine Vision Lab is chagrined to announce that due an unfortunate auto-correct error, the implementation of the Fecal Recognition System will be complete on Oct. 1. Sales associates are forewarned that all access to the campus will be controlled by this method of authentication.

Nothing to watch while the world burns and crumbles around you? Here are some suggestions that will bring you further anxiety and confusion!

Guimo's Blog: Prophetic Films to Watch in your Bunker during the End Times

So I was at work (I know, I’m sorry) wearing my “Bob” shirt for his blessing and a customer recognized it! He said he was glad the church was still going.

If you've ever felt low and asked "what's the point," that must mean that among all the possible points there could be, one of them is this: your point is to feel low.

If that is objectionable to you - good! That must mean you have a better point for you in mind - a future.

You've just talked yourself into something interesting. Find where that will that take you next. No hurry - it took all your life to get to merely now.

I thought we had it bad here in Portland with 500 ppm air. A friend in central Oregon just told me it's 1,200 ppm where she is.

Slack is relative and absolute.

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