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The sky is falling at dusk. And you know the rest.


started this harvard online course about the significance of the hero in ancient greek culture and it's only week 0 but i've finished all the reading and i'm honestly. SO excited for tomorrow when the course is gonna start fr this is really, really cool stuff

the yearly festivals where the city states come together and thousands of spectators partake in the heroic stories, each visualising their own version, feeling their own emotions, a mass magic spell to release the primal sensation of being human - engaging the mind to excite the heart and feed the soul

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@onan my Dobbs News arrived in New Zealand today! Heartfelt thanks and happy new year!!

Six years ago I ran a thing called cassettes for me.

A new tape, with digital copy, every month.

I advertised it with this flyer.

If I started that up again, would anyone be interested?

If you need an excuse to make an excuse, you’re already one layer too deep. Just do things, for “no reason.” The rational mind is for rationalizations, not rationality. I’m not saying if it feels good do it, I’m saying that action can happen. Disimmobilize! You no longer need to wait for permission. No guarantee you’ll get it right, but you will get it going. Start moving and course correct. Make up some fool explanation at the end if you want, but go! Cross the starting line. Spread the word!

"We believe the planet is being led to destruction by a race of inferior creatures who place blind trust in their own culturally dictated concept of 'intelligence.' Look, you guys, you know as well as I do… they may be smart, but they don’t have good sense.” "Bob" to the Senate Subcommittee, 1956

Made some bismuth crystals! Excellent source of essential slack!

@onan Porque no los dos? Current events can be unprecedented and participation in them can still be optional.

I asked my kitty, Io, if she wants to be my Minister of Propaganda and she said that she'd sleep on it.

Do you know of a paid member of the Church of the SubGenius who isn't a citizen of ?

Proof of membership (a photo of the member card, a post at ScrubGenius, many options available) is all it takes!

As some are finding displeasure at other social media sites, switch to the one owned by a SubGenius. That's

Dee Oh Bee Bee Es dot Tea Oh Double-You En.


Current events are unprecedented. Participation in current events is necessary. Reading "the news" is the only way to know what is happening and to be able to act.


Current events have nearly all happened before. Participation in current events is optional, and not always recommended. Reading "history" is one way to know what happened and what is happening, and to act is an entirely separate issue.

Deciding which model suits you can be determined by which model makes you less miserable.

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