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The least advanced phone, ever.

No screen. No battery.
No phone.

The NoPhone is specifically designed without a battery, screen or phone. You'll simply adore never having to frantically look for a place to charge your phone or carrying the emotional burden of a cracked screen.

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@onan Oooh, I'll send him an email via anonymous email platform, and send him links to 'Renew Geocaching Account' and the GoFundMe for my husband's ludicrous hospital bills.

"Begin therefore with little things. Is a little oil spilt or a little wine stolen? Say to yourself, 'This is the price paid for peace and tranquility; and nothing is to be had for nothing.”'" - Epictetus, "The Enciridion"

Today I paid for some peace and tranquility with some wasted time and wasted money. But I got what I paid for - I could have stayed worked up over the foolishness, but I did not. I got worked up, then I let it go because it was a little thing, and I got my slack back.

Wisdom does not always come with age. All too often, age arrives by itself.

"That I have written in a semi-humorous vein needs no apology, since thereby sound moral teaching has gained a hearing from at least 300,000 persons. There is no particular virtue in being seriously unreadable." - C. H. Spurgeon, "John Ploughman's Talk; or, Plain Advice for Plain People" (1880)

Whenever a general malaise sets in, it's almost always because I've effectively stopped reading. There is something about fictional worlds that deepens the connection to the physical one.

... and I'm *still* trying to get the insurance to cover that bozo running into me. They're saying that they only cover automobiles, which apparently doesn't include gravitational wave, quantum flux field displacing X-Day saucers.

Man, insurance companies will use *any* loophole to get out of a payout...

@Jellyboneslim they will menacingly hover over the north pole for 24 hours and 1 minute taking all of us while the earth rotates. Can't wait!

the parable of the gong 

There was once a young Discordian called Golden Rod. Early in his illumination, he wondered what season his country was in. Perhaps it was in the season of Discord, on the cusp of Bureaucracy. Surely, Order was rising to noxious levels. Or perhaps it was already Bureaucracy, on the cusp of Aftermath. Surely, Disorder was rising to obnoxious levels. So in his quest for An Answer, Golden Rod sought out the Discordian monk Nopants. Nopants dwelled in a basement because it would be obscene for him to go outside. Golden Rod freed himself from his leggings and descended the stairs. Below, Nopants sat on a cushion in a gross lotus position.“My wise friend Nopants, I have come to ask you a question,” said Golden Rod, “What is Bureaucracy?” “In India,” said Nopants, “they tie elephants to trees using thin cords. An elephant could easily snap the cord, yet they remain tethered in place. Why do you think this is?” Golden Rod itched himself and shrugged. “When the elephant is young,” intoned Nopants, “she is too weak to break the cord. She tries, but eventually she gives up. When the elephant grows up, she does not try to escape her puny bonds because she believes she will fail.” “So the cord isn’t the thing keeping the elephant in place,” said Golden Rod. He squinted at Nopants, “That’s very interesting, but what does that have to do with Bureaucracy?” “Bureaucracy,” said Nopants, “is waiting for a red traffic light in the middle of the night when no one is coming.”Across space and time, a gong sounded.
Golden Rod left the basement and returned to the real world, thoroughly confused. As he drove home, he ran five red lights. His mirth rose with each light. By the end of the voyage he was giggling like a ninny at his newfound freedom. Years went by and Golden Rod continued drive towards Aftermath. He ignored stop signs, blew through red lights, and opened his moon roof despite danger of falling rocks. “Sweet Merciful Ass!” cried out Bung-Fu the Fool as he clawed at the dashboard. “You’re gonna get us both killed!” “Nonsense! I am self-emancipated from these mundane traffic laws,” cackled Golden Rod. “I am a harbinger of Aftermath!” “Do you always drive like this?” said Bung-Fu as he buckled his seat belt. Golden Rod nodded. “Always.” Meanwhile, the monk Nopants was wheeling his gong across the street towards his basement. He patiently waited for the light to turn red, then pushed the ponderous percussive instrument upon the pavement.The collision made the exact sound of enlightenment

If you are into clown stories, Haha comics is a pretty good read. Number 1 was published in Jan, 2021 by Image. I give it 5 out of 5 pipes.
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Rev. Fanboy's FunTime
Tuesday, April 6, 2021

6p PT / 9p ET 20th Century Radio
You Bet Your Life starring Groucho Marx
2 x 30 mins 01/30/1952 03/08/50

7p PT / 10p ET Rev. Fanboy's FunTime
mostly music, always different

9p PT / midnight ET Jack Webb, Radio God
DRAGNET - "The Nickel Plated Gun" 06/10/1949

9:30p PT / 12:30a ET Instrumental Long Play
CAN - Finished? (from Caonobits bootleg) 1975

How long can the truth be suppressed?


:jrbd: 🛸

I hate to go diagnosing but I think I'm on the Autistic spectrum.

I've been learning about how women can "mask" symptoms.

It's so late in life that a diagnosis likely doesn't matter. I have always been "weird". I thought I was an alien, and or a mutant.

I'm always glad to find those who are not only "cool" with my weirdness, but encourage it. It means a lot to me. 💚

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