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Wow, more nostalgia!

I ran damnsmalllinux, tiny core's ancestor, way back when.

Many people have an 'inner life.' In most people's inner life, they reenact past hurts and nurse their resentments.

The inner life of the SubGenius is of a different nature. We re-edit our past hurts such that we come out okay, either with a laugh or with blood up to our elbows - point being, we RESOLVE our hurt instead of PERFECTING it. We NAVIGATE our resentments into bold (if sometimes secret) ACTIONS. Not thoughts or words - DEEDS. Deeds like not being a jerk even if another person was.

"The Dobbs Ikon" a symbol of the Church of the SubGenius, much like the Dobbshead. It is a symbol of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs & Slack, and replaced the Early SubGenius cross. Its origin is highly debated by SubGenii...It was [likely] designed by Dr. Legume in the year 23 A.D. using Time Control. Regardless, the Dobbs Ikon is the one TRUE cross/crucifix, the ORIGINAL, and the other cross/crucifix designs designed since then are all rip-offs of it.

You may have 'Snapped' already from the information disease! ("The sleep of reason begets monsters.") The Church of the SubGenius recognizes the programming! Look to the High Unpredictables of the Church of the SubGenius for pancultural deprogramming and resynchronization. Perfect your subliminal vision -- edit your memory -- relive your reincarnality! SYNC UP!

For more instructions click here:

It was just plain morally wrong for the Roman Catholic Church to sell indulgences.

They should have let that money draw interest and given it all to J. R. “Bob” Dobbs instead.


@bobdobberson is an official part of Subgenius, i just got my official signed copy of The Book of the Subgenius and they had a sticker for it

could you imagine if thanos snapped his fingers and the rocks were like "it doesn't even work that way you oaf, try something that makes sense"

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