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I can't wait until 2992, when bags of flesh are extinct

A humungous raven, with a wingspan of about 5 metres, flew right past me, sat down on my parapet, less than 2 metres away, looked me straight in the eyes, and made a low gurgling sound.

Today I had the thought that if I described a phrase or image as "Ballardian" it would be a generational marker. That is a neutral, neither good nor bad.

I once paid $35 to go to a fancy NYC art museum. I found the art to be boring and pretentious - infuriating at times. They didn't allow people to get within 6 ft. of a painting and the place was so crowded there was no way you could really inspect a piece.

Then, I paid $35 to join the Church of the Subgenius. I found a built-in community of misfits and malcontents and a lifetime of interesting art to inspect as closely as I want!

"Bob" is the obvious choice. :jrbd:

@BeardmanSam I tried to pick ones that I thought might look good on a bike and smaller ones to fill in pesky tiny gaps. It warms my heart to help create smiles and spread Slack! 😊 :pp01:

@GGGordon also interested... More interested than Onan ... :)

A most excellent assortment of STICKERS!!!!1!!!!1!!eleventh!!!!!!!! From @Prof_Trixie arrived today. Now if it would only stop raining long enough for me to get out and apply them to the sticker bike.

"The Hour of Slack" is the radio ministry of the Church of the SubGenius, hosted by Rev. Ivan @Stang

Episode #1834 is titled "'Til We Meet in Dobbstown" and features a new hymn by Dobbs.Town own Rev. @jcobblestone

NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1834 - 'Til We Meet in Dobbstown :jrbd:

RADIO SAFE! But maybe not Brain or Hearing Safe. (Look what it's done to Stang.) New Rudy Schwartz Project songs including "Intelligent Design" and "Adjacent to the Latex Gerbil" from the album of the same evocative name! The music is all new and the yakke…

Invent superstitions in which your destiny is good luck.

Invent superstitions in which your destiny is bad luck.

You'll find what you seek, either way.


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