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Summary of The Origin of Consciousness | : Essays, vertalingen

Donation request! I am planning to move out of my apartment at the end of this month, but do need help in order to make the move a success as I am quite poor and don't have enough funds on my own to make the move. Please look at my following blog post for more info (including where to send money) and consider donating. So far I've received $1,130 of my goal of $5,000. Tithe to a SubGenius today! :jrbd:

Plenty of tent space and I even have a bunk house!

132 Canton ST
Troy, PA 16947

PM for phone number

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Haven't been to DT in a while. Life moves in interesting ways and has carried me along with it.

We are already picking through the ruins of collapsed civilizations. We are already making poor use of only partially-understood technologies and cultural achievements. Every newborn is a reversion to savagery, as anyone who has spent time around children will tell you.

We don't get to say these are not the End Times. We do get to say whether it'll be doom and gloom - or laughing until your guts bleed when you JOIN...

The Church of the SubGenius


The future belongs to the SubGenii, but the present belongs to the hypochondriacs.

My constipation worries are over! J.R."Bob" Dobbs has all the secrets. Send $1 for informative brochure!

Do you think you're less likely to do something if you tell someone else about it?

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