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Today the post carrier delivered an envelope from @Prof_Trixie and another envelope from my Emotional Support Canuck! BOTH IN THE SAME DAY!
I'ven't opened them yet. I want to do that tomorrow when I won't be interrupted.

What's your excuse again? Okay. Yeah you should definitely postpone that difficult thing that will probably work out in your favor. Or just don't do it. I won't bring it up if you won't. Time and effort saved. Just save that time and effort, don't put it to some other thing (difficult or otherwise).

Most of anthropology is figuring out what is an actual tradition against what is a fake tradition invented in the 1930s to sell candy.

Ah...that ol' @Zontar magic...
Better than a long, hard stretch on a cold piece of granite, mos' def.

Has anyone else noticed that the Church of the Subgenius has so totally dominated our enemies that none dare take an open stand against us?


There is something miserable in the figure who enjoyed in their youth the freedom of speech, but from the comfort of age seeks to deny it to others; some deformity of the soul.

@onan is the church of the subgenius the same thing as the movie repo man?

listening to Conet Project recordings in the dark in the middle of the night is kind of unsettling

Noticing when good people suffer is part of thinking that bad people deserve it. And maybe they do.

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