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*sigh* Look we resurrected ONE guy because his face was our brand. Get off our case.

Finally made it to Paris. Was treated to some spectacular views over the Atlantic. The windows on the plane auto tint. That and the moon made for these lovely pics.

The Church of the SubGenius is a spiritual bothy, a metaphysical mountain hut. At your own risk and expense, you and a few friends find shelter for a time as you pause in a vision quest you already started and which won't end here. We never wanted you, forever - only your money.


This morning I remembered Mark Fell's album Computer Generated Rhythm for Microtonal Metallophones. It is by far my favorite release that came out of the Dance/Electronic genre in 2018. So I played the whole thing through and I really enjoyed it. Was great to be back in that sound. After hearing it I felt wanted to stay in that world so I found this interview with Fell that I somehow missed when it came out. Such a pleasure to read his thoughts:

A man without love is like a man without breaking sticks in his field. #proverbs

huh, there's a VR game in which you can go around in a typical Golden Dawn temple-space

Let your freak flag fly.

Make something weird and wonderful.

Don’t worry about the haters: you are blazing a trail, and you are sooo far ahead of your time (:



😮‍💨 Almost finished the template for the zine’s outside prints; it has generalized information which will be repeated for each issues, but only the inside prints will change (as a peak-a-boo reveal).

From "Hot Dog: Regular Fellows Monthly" Vol. I, No. 7 (April 1922) The Merit Publishing Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

Thanks to @drux I get to try these tomorrow. Goes to show you never know what a Subgenius might do - they might make art, they might send you a jar of pickled okra. I like fried okra and I like pickles...hmmm.. 🤔 :jrbd:


In memory of zine days of yore... Spring 1994, Sterno gives me this one-pager that ended up in one of our issues. Still every bit as true now as it was then.

Last update on the situation here in Bogotá: on a flight out at 23:55. Honoring my business class arrangement. Shuttle leaving for the airport shortly, which gives me about 2.5 hours to get primed in the lounge. Goal is to sleep until Paris.

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