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YouTube is a veritable waterfall of stupid bullshit, and one of the many reasons why is the proliferation of "reaction videos", in which people whose opinions don't matter tell you what they think about a Pink Floyd guitar solo. In this spirit, Waldo has decided to dip his toe into the waters of idiocy. He's thinking of launching a gofundme campaign to pay for his new headphones.


"I've suffered for my art, now it's YOUR turn!"

If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

THanks to @PseudoNovalis I found ... these are better "Bob"'s (although missing the pipe) than what Dall-E came up with.

What can be learned only by experiencing suffering? The experience of suffering. If one never learned that by never experiencing that, what's the loss? Therefore, suffering is not in itself ennobling.

Some have said great artists must suffer. But many have suffered greatly with no art, so the connection is invalid. A great artist can use suffering to make art. A great artist can use joy to make art, too.

Only one's attitude to suffering matters, not the suffering. It is not wrong to be happy.

You say "if we're going to invent time travel in the future, why haven't we seen time travellers?"

What, you think they'd be so daft as to tell you about it?

I don’t live my life so others turn out like me. I live my life so others don’t turn out like I didn’t turn out. You can too! When you JOIN…

The Church of the SubGenius


The Great Dr. Hal signed this comic for my BFF, Nezyx - artfully I might add. Thanks to Prof. Pressure and @senator for making this moment possible! :jrbd:

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is to make up random quotes" - Stalin

This summer solstice day, let's take a moment to gaze at the bright magnificence that is "Summer Shower" by Charles Louis Hinton. Happy Summer, everybody!

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